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please pllease help me

Friendly Neighbour

please can someone help me like a few weeks ago i was told thAT MY TELUS ACCOUT WAS connected ... so i was all happy then i never recieved a modem , no tech , no support and i have no clue as to wjat to do about how im suppose to connect my wifi , home phone and tv.... sp please help me i know i need customer service here in order to fix this .. i am misssing out on university for this hold up !! 


Community Power User
Community Power User

It's been a few weeks and you're just looking for support? That seems quite odd especially if you're missing classes. When internet and TV is installed, a tech is typically sent to your residence. You need to call Telus and arrange for a tech to come out. You will not be able to do that through the forums here. 

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