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No notification of price increase?

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I had some monthly promotions expire as my term ended, as well as some other price increases on my monthly internet plan. It was a huge increase in the monthly price, made months ago. I only noticed it today.


Telus didn't bother to properly notify me. Why not?





@thryus  Any price increases are shown on your bill at month end. Price will increase at the date they say. A lot of people don't  look at everything that is on the bill.            

I only saw it mentioned hidden in an email after the price increase had already happened. They didn't make it clear they were increasing the price.

@thryus  It is on your bill bottom of one of the pages. Also you can bring up all the raises i think 2 years back. It also explains that the tax is taken off that  5 or 10 $ special deal you may have. The price increases are noted 2 months ahead of time. You just have look at all the small print.

@ I have phoned in and asked to keep the promos for another 2 years and they did it for me. Phone 2 weeks before term ends. Phone and ask for loyalty you never know. Good luck. If you change your internet or optic package midterm you lose the promos.