I just learned Telus is migrating webmail to Gmail!


this is buried in  q and a....what does this mean in practical terms if I want to continue with outlook?


Can I still use my email program (e.g. Outlook, Apple Mail etc.) and how do I configure it?


While we do recommend using the Gmail and Google Calendar apps for the best experience, you can configure the most popular email programs (such as Outlook) to access your TELUS email account powered by Google. You will have to follow some steps. For instructions on how to configure the most common email programs visit Set up Email On a Computer.

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Yes, you can continue to use email software of your choice. The ‘Set up email on a computer’ section should have linked to the steps. Try here.



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cannot do anything about this because the corrupt Corporation Google whom honestly is becoming one of the most powerful data collection agencies in the world on every single human walking… To control and sell this database at huge profits to military, government, advertisers, anyone interested in such a database.


Telus simply sold us out for cash and we have no choice in the matter. What's worse is their migration system jumping through hoops in a system that's broken at best. They would have been doing us a favor by just simply killing off their email and leaving us to fend for ourselves. Rather than their incompetent broken implementation going to Google.


You're right about Google there's more to that company then anyone knows. I wouldn't go near them. So we've been duped and the prices continue to rise at Telus and now we do not even have a pop email. It means Outlook and other third-party software is now obsolete. I'm using a beautiful program to handle my mail and it's now dead thanks to these corporate creeps.  


fuzzy logic… I don't really believe everything you say. Were losing more than you think there's a big difference between online mail and are real pop protocol email... A lot of us are going to lose our third-party mail handling software which blows away any online mail site. We don't have to have sniffers, advertising, the man controlling their system. Built-in Mail handlers can drag-and-drop direct from your computer without having to upload anything online before it has to be sent out. Online mail gives you less control at the expense of advertising and much more it's slower and clumsy. A lot of us that know what I'm talking about by using our own mail programs are just furious because we've been duped because Telus sold us out for cash.


Needless to say if you look into the contracts and characteristics of the evil corporation known as Google you will see that their policy is to simply take over the globe. I am angered by Telus dropping their pop email system wild they are raising their prices. Get less pay more only this time get way less were all just a bunch of sheep for the slaughter.... Our opinions don't matter and it's true figure it out we don't matter. Take what we get be happy they could care less.


LynnB  like you I also investigated ahead of time and was willing to see what this migration was. And exactly like you I found tech -support hopeless trying to direct us into an already broken system. I'm furious that we were sold down the toilet by tellus. Google must've offered them a fortune and anything we say is meaningless where just sheep to these evil large corporations. The only difference between you and I is I was probably losing more than you because I relied on pop protocol email which can be handled by your PC software example Outlook or any other third-party software that handles true mail. Handling your own mail this way is clean and efficient faster more secure than anything online so I'm losing a lot.


As for Tellus that scum company... They would've been better off to just dump their email and leave us to fend for ourselves. Anybody can sign up to an online email account with way less hassles. So we lost pop protocol email in favor of garbage.... And tell us continues to raise their prices and offer less.


I am so sorry you went through the nightmare by now you're probably thinking the same as me you shouldn't of you should've just said goodbye to your email make a new one on your own online anywhere you want hopefully not Google though... I'm a technician all my life trust me stay away from Google.... Try yandex I found this online email to be one of the few that you can talk to and they listen. I absolutely talk to them and they made changes to the way the email was handled within hours. Google won't even hear a word you say even if you put a gun to their head neither will Telus.


I hope other people hear your words on your nightmare with Telus . It would have been the same for me I just decided to stop because I knew it was useless and I just abandoned and accepted they stopped by email and there's nothing I can do. I use Yandex now which can never replace my PCs email software I'm taking a huge hit but that's what I did. Please stay away from Google.





Try this:

In the Gmail webmail page, click on the Setting gear icon.

Choose Forwarding and POP/IMAP

Under POP download choose Enable POP for all mail (even mail that's already been downloaded)

Save changes.

Go into Outlook and retrieve your email.


Please post back to let us know if this works, or if you find a better way!


Since you didn’t receive a reply from TLS to your suggestion above I decided to try it, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me, but thanks for trying to help through your own experiences,


I had success, following the steps provided by PCherian, to setup POP mail on my main laptop computer, (it’s on WIFI), with both sending and receiving with Outlook 2010.  But, I then tried to set it up in my desktop computer, (it’s on Ethernet) – I have Telus Fibre.  It will send email, but not receive email not previously downloaded. It used to work with no problems, but I realized I haven’t had to use the desktop computer for this purpose since changing to Telus fibre, so don’t know if there is any relationship.


I closed Gmail on the laptop, and put on sleep, and then it was only after restarting the desktop computer that it would finally send email from Outlook, but it still would not receive.  The error was a rejection of username/password.


They are both old computers, upgraded to Windows 10 – (the desktop from XP to W.7 then W.10).  Maybe like me, they're just too old and tired to handle all this constant "change" stuff.