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I just learned Telus is migrating webmail to Gmail!

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Community Power User

I suspect this is related to email issues Telus had in August but that's speculation on my part. I was trying to modify my Junk mail settings for Webmail and can't seem to find the settings to change it. In the process I discovered this:

Webmail to Gmail migration: What you need to know Starting March 2020, we will begin migrating all TELUS Webmail accounts to Gmail, the Google email platform


If this was publicized I seem to have missed it. More information here:


Here's hoping this transition goes smoothly. I'm curious what the privacy implications are as that's why I've stayed away from Gmail.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.
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fuzzy logic… I don't really believe everything you say. Were losing more than you think there's a big difference between online mail and are real pop protocol email... A lot of us are going to lose our third-party mail handling software which blows away any online mail site. We don't have to have sniffers, advertising, the man controlling their system. Built-in Mail handlers can drag-and-drop direct from your computer without having to upload anything online before it has to be sent out. Online mail gives you less control at the expense of advertising and much more it's slower and clumsy. A lot of us that know what I'm talking about by using our own mail programs are just furious because we've been duped because Telus sold us out for cash.


Needless to say if you look into the contracts and characteristics of the evil corporation known as Google you will see that their policy is to simply take over the globe. I am angered by Telus dropping their pop email system wild they are raising their prices. Get less pay more only this time get way less were all just a bunch of sheep for the slaughter.... Our opinions don't matter and it's true figure it out we don't matter. Take what we get be happy they could care less.

cannot do anything about this because the corrupt Corporation Google whom honestly is becoming one of the most powerful data collection agencies in the world on every single human walking… To control and sell this database at huge profits to military, government, advertisers, anyone interested in such a database.


Telus simply sold us out for cash and we have no choice in the matter. What's worse is their migration system jumping through hoops in a system that's broken at best. They would have been doing us a favor by just simply killing off their email and leaving us to fend for ourselves. Rather than their incompetent broken implementation going to Google.


You're right about Google there's more to that company then anyone knows. I wouldn't go near them. So we've been duped and the prices continue to rise at Telus and now we do not even have a pop email. It means Outlook and other third-party software is now obsolete. I'm using a beautiful program to handle my mail and it's now dead thanks to these corporate creeps.  

Friendly Neighbour

I agree whole heartedly.   The Telus webmail customers have been sold out.  The poor customer service people have no answers and will continue to be besieged by unhappy clients.


I was migrated last week and posted this on the form with one reply that didn't help.  BEWARE!


On Tuesday I was migrated to Telus email powered by Google. I am able to receive my emails on the Gmail website.

I called Telus tech support and was told politely that as I was able to get my mail online and on my phone that Outlook 2013 was third party software and to look at the Telus guide to setting up email on my computer.

I have followed the guide, I have gone to my Gmail settings and changed forwarding to IMAP.

I have followed the instructions, including trying both SSL and TLS for the outgoing mail server sttings.

As I have two existing Gmail accounts on my Outlook 2013 I have looked at their settings and they are the same as I have been inputting for my account.

I receive the following error messages:

Log onto incoming mail server (IMAP): The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).

Send test e-mail message: Your e-mail server rejected your login. Verify your user name and password for this account in Account Settings.

I have carefully checked my username and password, repeatedly. I know the password is correct as I used it on my phone the same day.

Having spent a fair amount of time on this over the past couple of days I would be grateful for any help.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

@Dave49 Outlook 2013 is a legacy product from Microsoft and is considered to be "Less secure". Within the Google account settings you need to enable "less secure applications" to use these products in addition to having IMAP (or POP) enabled. It is recommended that you update your applications to more modern versions that use the improved security features to ensure your data is protected.  


You can find out more here:


Less Secure Applications


Setup instructions for Outlook 2013 for TELUS email powered by Google


I was migrated on July 14th and only 80 email items of several thousand were migrated. Inbox sub-folders were not migrated. At this point I've lost approx 5 yrs of email content. 2.5 hours waiting and then talking with telus tier 1 resulted in no progress. Anyone scheduled in the future would do well to backup their important content someplace.

I didn't find it too hard to configure both the samsung email client and outlook 2016 to connect, however only having June 24th and later content migrated is disturbing and infuriating.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hey @dehle 


Was this content stored on your PC? Often when mail is downloaded it is also deleted from the server and no longer visible online, only to be viewed on your PC. You should be able to see this email in your application until the old folder structure.

Hey SmoresGuy
How do I open my Microsoft 365 Outlook app which is frozen and won't even open the minute my Telus e-mail account was migrated to Google (without my permission) and I was assigned a Gmail address (which I didn't want)? I would like to try all the advice offered by you and others to see if I can recover ALL my contacts and e-mail addresses. I no longer have anything good to say about Telus!!!

Anyone else receiving 2 copies of each email with Outlook 2016. One in the inbox and one in the Gmail/Important box? So far I have not found a solution.

Yes me too. sometimes it's the only way I can get my email on Outlook is to open the 'Important' folder and suddenly all the emails for that past 8,10,12 hours come through. Clearly Microsoft and Gmail are not playing nicely! It's like Outlook is now constipated...

this is buried in  q and a....what does this mean in practical terms if I want to continue with outlook?


Can I still use my email program (e.g. Outlook, Apple Mail etc.) and how do I configure it?


While we do recommend using the Gmail and Google Calendar apps for the best experience, you can configure the most popular email programs (such as Outlook) to access your TELUS email account powered by Google. You will have to follow some steps. For instructions on how to configure the most common email programs visit Set up Email On a Computer.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes, you can continue to use email software of your choice. The ‘Set up email on a computer’ section should have linked to the steps. Try here.



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Friendly Neighbour

If the telus webmail transition goes to the gmail format, there is no place for a contacts list, present options and preferences.  Hopefully all saved email folders will transfer to the gmail format.  One may be wise to save these in some backup, as any important documents may be lost.  The gmail format is not user friendly, and a custom telus webmail page supported by Google would be the answer to customer satisfaction.  There are going to be many upset users of the present telus webmail once this transition occurs.  The only reason I used Telus webmail was that it was supported by a different provider when I spend my winters down south.  I don't think that the planners in this change have thoroughly thought out details.


OK, so I know many people who have received emails from Telus saying they're switching to Gmail, some people have done whatever is involved and are saying they can't continue using their MS Outlook on their PC's, anyone know what's going on?

One of my buds sent me the email Telus sent him, it looked to me like Telus is only switching to Gmail for web-mail, is this not the case?
I wanna know in advance since neither me or my wife has received this email, we're both retired Telus employees and have been using MS Outlook for decades.



Community Power User
Community Power User

There are already several discussions on the move to Gmail on the forums. Telus is switching all email to Gmail. Webmail is just a way to access the Telus email through a browser. Users that have been moved to Gmail will now have to log in to Gmail using their Telus email username and password. More info on the changes:


Outlook should still work but users have to change all the server settings. For example: Advanced users may even get POP3 working if they know how to enable it in the Gmail settings.

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Tried the first link and it Telus said  "It looks like we can't find that page".

Now what to do and where to go? 

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Community Power User

It may be that they’ve ended the early access, now that they are in the midst of the rollout.

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So I have now migrated all of my email accounts over to Google

How do I disable my old Telus emails from Outlook and stop the most annoying pop-up messages telling my that my settings are out of date? 

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Community Power User

Remove / delete the Telus account in your Outlook Application.


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"Webmail is just a way to access the Telus email through a browser."

Is it?

The mail support will be provided by Telus?

Am I gonna be able recover my email in case I forgot the password? Because if you mess up your Gmail....goodbye!

I know as I have an email that is forwarded to me after 10 years, yet I can't log in. No such support from Google.

First I’ve heard of this. Have not received any e-mail from Telus.