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Help needed! Tech Savvy kids & wifi

I have parental controls set up on my modem. My daughter has figured out a work around. She resets the modem to default then unplugs the printer ethernet cable and plugs it into her laptop. She gets full internet access and the rest of us are knocked out. I have her laptop blocked (wireless & hard wired) but the reset deletes everything. Are there any other options other than physically moving the modem? (It would cost me to relocate to another part of the house.)
When she did this last night, the parental controls in the Telus GUI had even disappeared!!


From a purely technical standpoint, the solution would likely be to physically secure the modem/router.


Or you could get something similar to a Meraki, which although intended for business, is cloud managed and only works when it connects to the cloud (and it downloads the settings).  If you hit reset on a Meraki, it will just get the settings that were in previously....

There may be some cloud managed devices that are similarly immune to people pressing reset.


Some parenting resources may have information about how to tackle this from another perspective, your daughter is highly unlikely to be the only child who does things like this.  


The other option would be to downgrade her computer account to a standard user and yourself as an administrator, then limit the settings she can control. Depending on if she's using a Mac or PC, there are different types of parental controls available. 


Windows 10:



Thank you for your reply. My kids do NOT have admin rights. That would not be good! I'll have to test out microsoft family again but they found loopholes in that before. Same with qustodio and k9. Thanks for the links.

I'm afraid you're right. I just may have to pay for modem to be relocated. Was hoping for other options first.
I read about disabling the ethernet connection on her laptop so I tried it but it did nothing.
I've heard of meraki but I'm not that tech savvy and my friend who has it has issues with it competing with her wifi.
Yes, I know other parents with similar issues.
Thank you!


Both good suggestions above. However there is only so much technology can do to address this situation. There is a behavoral factor here that is out of reach to technology.


If you can't move the router to a secure location then perhaps try to physically secure the router at the current location. Maybe something like this would work:


Drill holes for ventilation and cables. Depending on which router you have you may be able to drill holes for the antenns as well but polycarbonate is fairly transparent to WiFi so it may not be needed.

I agree. I believe there's a screen addiction piece when kids go to such lengths to get wifi. I've actually looked into getting a lockbox but she can still take the power cord for the modem. She's done it before. If she can't have WiFi then no one can attitude. Now I have an extra power cord locked in my room.
If there's no way to stop her from plugging in the ethernet cable from our printer into her laptop to access wifi (after resetting the modem), not sure what else to do but pay for relocation and hope for the best.
I noticed again the parental controls section of the Telus GUI has disappeared AGAIN!

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@amam Have you considered not permitting her to keep her laptop in her room at night or locking it up somewhere safe at night? If my kid tried to get around the household rules by resetting the router to reset the wifi password or use the cable from the printer, they'd lose their computer until they earn it back. They'd only be permitted to use the computer at the kitchen table and not in their room. I'd also include taking away their phone as a punishment as well.

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I've already taken away her laptop. She doesn't get wifi on her phone (unless earned which is rare bc she thinks it's a right) but she can still play games and watch whatever she's downloaded. Last time I tried to take her phone away, things did not end well...

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This is clearly a situation which will not be resolved by timed access to wifi. It may be time to chat with a counselling service.
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already in progress for awhile... Still need limits on wifi. Makes it even more difficult when parental controls keep disappearing and Telus can't figure out why

@amam  I think you answered your questions in your first blog. ( tech savvy )

Thank you for your reply, suggestions and link!

Keep in mind that relocating the modem will change the coverage of the WiFi. It may be better or worse depending on the new location relative to the layout of your house.