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Gmail Migration - New Support Content

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hey everyone, as many of you have noticed, since last year, we’ve been migrating customers to the new TELUS email powered by Google. Providing new benefits, such as:

  • Triple your current storage space from 5 GB to 15 GB
  • Being able to check your email on any device
  • Improved reliability and security for your peace of mind

From the forum conversations that we’ve seen, we understand that it wasn’t perfect, and we have worked continuously to update our support information, to help provide a seamless transition.


Here is our new support video to provide you an end to end overview of the migration process, as well as resources available. 



Below we’ve included the URLs mentioned in the video:


If you received an invite to migrate, or want early access:

Info you will need on the day of migration:

Help with third party email programs (e.g. MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird):


If you still have any unanswered questions, please let us know below. 


Please note: We have limited support for third party email programs, and may need to direct you to your email program provider for assistance. 


Why am I getting this now when I try to open the forum on Brave browser ?!


"The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

Your support ID is: 10057921556038748966  "


I don't have an administrator!  🙂

I just had the same thing happen. It seems to be intermittent. I blame...




It is continuous for me on Brave but FF works.

I also learned the Telus Aliases are not separate.

They show up under Contact in Gmail , so they are connected.

Suppose to be able sign in with any of them (that didn't work so far) but the point is, they are all connected in google.


I have a question about the Gmail migration and existing Telus email account names vs aliases.


With the Gmail migration, my understanding is that it basically means I end up with a new Gmail account where my username is my old Telus email address, and Telus arranges migrating over my existing data (inbox etc)



I'm not sure if this is same for everyone or just an artifact of having a very ancient Telus email account (long time internet customer), but my existing Telus email account name is a bunch of random alphanumeric characters assigned to me, way back when e.g. of the format "[email protected]"


of course, I have an alias of the format "[email protected]" which I use for everything, including webmail login etc. I don't really even remember the alphanumeric username without looking it up.  Same goes for several family members on the same home internet account


So my question is this:   does my new Gmail account username become my hard to remember alphanumeric "actual" email account name, or my preferred alias?     If the former, then before migration should I rename my account? (looks like there ability to rename in myTelus account page). Or do I have a choice at time of migration


Before scheduling my migration I want to make sure what my new username on gmail will be. 




I did see that format somewhere, but don't know where. I thought it is just the actual email address under the  "" email address which is suppose to be an actual email, but maybe even that is an alias to that number format email.

In any case, when you make a gmail account, you are making it for what ever you put in.

So, so if you put in "[email protected] and you put the password that comes with it, and doesn't work, it won't make an email for you.

So it's your "number format" will not show up anywhere unless you put it into google.

Also, you can rename your email name "Myname" part in Telus account management. ...internet...emails.

As long as there is at least one alias, I don't think the emails will disappear.

Community Power User
Community Power User


  If you can sign into Telus webmail with [email protected] and a password, you will be able to continue to use [email protected] after migration. As you step through the process, you will be prompted as to which email aliases you want to keep, and which is primary.



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thanks @NFtoBC for confirming that


- yes logging into webmail using 'myname' and password does work. 

so I went ahead and started the scheduling process and notice in the first step I can choose exactly which alias (or original alphanumeric userid) I wish to use for my gmail login. Exactly what I needed, thanks again

Has anyone been able to sign in with an alias?

According to this page.

Google should send you a verification email when you get an alias.

I am not getting those, so I can't sign in.

Because I can't sign in with the alias, I can't send email as the alias.

Yes I know there is an other way shown here

but that is a lot more work.


Just Moved In

I have tried, OH HOW I'VE TRIED, to find a way to reschedule my email migration.  Due to an emergency, I cannot be available for my appointment tomorrow morning.  I've spent hours going through help, support, online topics, phone contact (which merely hangs up on me - 3 times, so far), and there appears to be NO WAY TO DO THIS.


Since it appears I will no longer be able to access my email, as I cannot be available for the migration, does that mean I will permanently be locked out of my email?


If not, HOW DO I FIX THIS???  Is it even POSSIBLE to speak to an actual "person" to seek help, or am I just stuck with a computer generated series of replies which are NOT RELATED TO MY PROBLEM, and do NOT help.


Telus used to offer "service".  This does not appear to be the case any more.  After 40 years of loyalty, I expect better.

I'm not understanding your predicament. I had 4 email addresses migrated and didn't attend any of them. You mention an appointment, what was it for?

We had to schedule the migration, so we know when we can go to google and set it up, but it didn't require a phone call.

Someone is talking about Apple.

If you had Apple problems, you should says it.

I know nothing about that.

Just Moved In

The Telus Google Mail migration didn't work with Apple email. I had to take time off from work and spent an hour and a half waiting for a rep on the phone only to be told to contact Apple. I told them Apple did not create the problem, Telus did and I expected them to fix the problem or migrate me back. No help, so after 20 years with Telus I'm canceling their TV, internet, and phone and switching to another provider. Unbelievable stupid move on Telus' part. I've never had such poor and arrogant service from any company. Sad day.

Community Power User
Community Power User

The migration worked fine for Apple Mail on my 2011 MacBook, 2020 MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone. Also worked on SWMBO's Apple devices. Some software without up to date security patches need a work-around where they are assigned a specific password access.



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ISPs generally don't support third-party apps.  Telus' page has the server information that you need.  Do yourself a favour and learn how to fill in the settings for whichever email client you use, so you're not blaming everyone but yourself next time.

Random comment 4 month later?

Helpful Neighbour

For what it's worth, I think that this TELUS migration to TELUS e-mail by Google has been VERY POORLY executed. The comments about "not perfect" are far, far from the truth.

Let's look at some things TELUS could have done better:
1)  Third party programs - MANY people use this (i.e. Mail app on Windows, Outlook and others). TELUS should have been WAY MORE PREPARED to provide support on these. A 'change' in how e-mail is hosted should not be an excuse for not providing support.

2)  Poor instructions - my migration was today and it went poorly. I'm somewhat computer savvy (I've built machines and set up new machines for others - predominantly seniors). I did EXACTLY what the instructions said and Outlook wouldn't work. I was on a tech service call for 45 minutes today with TELUS. They were very helpful - all that changed was the order of ONE STEP - that wasn't clear in the instructions.
3)  How about some transparency and communication with customers? This is becoming an achilles heel for TELUS. TELL PEOPLE what is going to happen. Yes your e-mail should be migrated over but it will be completed reordered (the original dates aren't necessarily preserved). This was the same with PureFibre - very limited mention on the need for new cabling to be installed into the house. I knew this and spent three hours doing fishing myself beforehand. This saved the technicians time and holes in my house.
4)  Recognize the limitations some folks have with technology - I've heard MANY seniors say that they have had to get external help from computer specialists or their children to help with this transition.

TELUS needs to spend a LOT more time up front planning changes so that the impacts on customers are mitigated. What should have happened is that the "upgraded" e-mail settings should have been made so that they were discoverable by a wizard.

Calling this "upgrade" as "not perfect" is really minimizing the difficulties that were encountered. TELUS really needs to up it's game in planning changes so that there isn't all this misery.

You nailed it! Aside from all that, I was trying to stay away from Google because they own every single email, picture, and information you send to anyone, and they can (and do) sell it to anyone who will pay for it.

NO privacy at all.

I agree. This transition was done very poorly. No help. No documentation that works.


If I wanted google, I would have gotten a gmail account.


This transition was 100 times worse that the email outage in the fall of 2019!! It has taken me approximately 6 months to clean up the mess that the transition caused to my emails.


My advice - don't transition until you absolutely have to!!



I wasted more time today than I care to admit, trying to figure out why one email account could be switched over quickly and successfully earlier this week in my 3rd party desktop client (Thunderbird) while another email account that migrated today kept failing, despite identical incoming and outgoing server settings as per the Telus migration instructions. 


In the hope of saving other users of 3rd party email programs some of my frustration, I want to flag a critical setting in Google Mail.  You have to explicitly tell Google to grant access to your Mail account for "Less Secure Applications."  From the Telus migration instructions: 


  1. Open your email account in a browser by visiting
  2. Go to the 9 dot menu and select Account
  3. Select Security on the left-hand side
  4. Scroll down to “Less secure app access” and select Turn on access
  5. Toggle “Allow less secure apps switch” to On

You have now enabled Less secure application access for your account. If you no longer require this enabled in the future, please use the steps above to change the setting to Off.  Source: 


Hope this helps fellow do-it-yourselfers. It seems disappointing that Telus is handing over email administration to Google given its reputation in different contexts, but maybe everything will come up roses.

Just Moved In

I have been unable to download my Gmail to my local computer (iMac) so I can view them offline and save them for eternity :D.  - I have reached out to customer care for assistance, but they have been unable to help - as they say that my gmail storage should be sufficient (which is actually not the point, I want them downloaded).  Do you have instructions on how best to do this?   Thanks