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Equipment Return through Canada Post

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Please stop telling customers to bring their equipment returns unpackaged to Canada Post! I work for Canada Post and we DO NOT provide free packaging materials. It's very frustrating to have people come in expecting us to package things up for them because that is what they've been told by Telus employees. Please know what you're talking about. We have boxes for sale, but have never provided them for free for Telus returns. We would all very much appreciate if Telus could communicate this to all of their staff.

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Telus clearly states the return policy, perhaps the customers are not listening to what they're instructed to do. Instead taking it upon themselves to return it not the approved way.





Return your equipment

Upon cancelling TELUS Optik TV, Satellite TV or Internet, you need to return your rental equipment by following these steps:

  1. Call TELUS to change or cancel the rental equipment at 310-2255. If your billing address is not the address where you would like the return instructions to be delivered, please inform the representative

  2. You will receive return instructions and a postage-paid return waybill within 1-3 business days

  3. Once you have received the return waybill from TELUS, securely pack the equipment in a box of your choice. Don’t forget to include accessories such as remotes and cables"

It's customer service telling them that over the phone. Multiple people come in every week getting all angry because "Telus told me to bring it in unpackaged and that you would take care of it". No, we won't. Super irritating.

I live in St. Albert and am retired Tech Strat. Our local Canada Post has no clue about any Telus return policy. The only way they would accept it was with a prepaid waybill like any other parcel. If you bring it in packaged and expect to send COD they will reject it. At least St. Albert does. Very frustrating to say the least. 

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Interesting. I’ve had no difficulty returning items to Telus through my local post office without a waybill.

Are you experiencing this at a Canada Post office, or a secondary P.O.?


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Thanks for the reply and I guess I'm sounding like a cranky old man however I can deal with this but my comments are to emphasize there is a process gap with the call centers. The one I called was the PH group and I can confirm the other poster's comments about erroneous advice. Also the Tech on an upgrade should just take the old modem as they are junked anyway

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Agree the Tech should take the old,
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cool really i think it is useful

One other addition to this is that my previous comment is not a dig at Canada Post but rather Telus process. 
My issue is a swap-out to a 3200M. There is no waybill sent. The tech just says take to Canada Post. You phone for a way bill and yes I can confirm they have the audacity to sate you can just bring in the box un-packaged to Canada Post. I knew that was not correct, so I packaged it up at took it to Canada Post and then that's when I found out they had no clue of the process either. I suppose I could just throw it in the garbage bin at Edmonton Toll where the other old pre-3200M modems go.


I was told to do this very thing by a CSR yesterday.  To take my materials in the original box to the post office, they would print and stick on a label.  It felt off to me and I had planned on parcel wrapping the original box and putting my return address on it anyway, but can you tell me if Canada Post will indeed print a waybill for me if I ask for one?

@Jayfish82  Post office will not take it. Email telus and get a prepaid shipping label. Better yet phone the tech and have him pick it up at front door.