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Email transfer from Telus to google mail


I have stumbled on a number of web articles about telus mail moving to gmail.  Link:

I have not received any notification of this.  Any idea what is happening.



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Community Power User

They are migrating the email accounts over in batches. They will email you prior to your account moving.

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Just scheduled 'migration" via webmail with the Email address/alias that I use the most however do we lose access for the rest of the existing aliases be lost after the transition?



They say they handle multiple email accounts as long as they are with Telus. It says they can be acccessed with just one sign in.... I only had one that I migrated, so I can't confirm that it really works! see this link:

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @RonAKA & @canucks4life 


Aliases are still working on TELUS email powered by Google. The main difference is that allows you to login using any address, whereas only allows for one address to be used for logging in. You will be able to send and receive via the aliases (Send an email from an alias).


This page has been pulled down. Probably by Telus.

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There is lots of information on Telus site about the migration. You can find it here.


I’m not sure why you are so fixated on a post from a customer, based on what they discovered 3+ months ago.


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We have had many problems. We are older and was advised contacts would be transferred - Not. No guidance how to set up or use Telus Google Mail. Printing an email is so too small can’t hardly read it. No font set up. This is the worst! Have been with Telus for 30 plus years. Just feel sick! We are older and were happy with how things were. If we wanted to deal with google mail and tons of “have to use” apps we would have switched on our own - not be forced over a barrel. Plus due to Covid no help can’t get any help due to extremely long waits by phone.

Re Telus Email mass Transfer to Telus Google Mail
Our small business relies heavily and happily using the computer based Microsoft Outlook 10 - worked excellent could do everything in that program as well relied very much on our offline business folders. Then was put in the mass transfer groups to Telus google mail on the Internet on Wed 9 Sept 2920. Promises of folder and contact transfers and that there will be minimal changes as well that help was available. Which now only the basic folders were transferred no contacts transferred at all. Still not able to get assistance with anything. Have been on hold so many times with no results. There is absolutely no guidance. Tried to print a letter and I could not format in any way and could barely read the printing as it was very small. We are not widget or app downloaders and are not interested in searching something out there in the web to help. We all feel let down by Telus. Very apprehensive, feel ill about this mess and nowhere to turn to for assistance. Have also read on this site that a person was in contact with Telus and could not assist in any way on how to connect up the offline folders. Feeling lost, dismayed and totally let down by Telus.

Telus has just dumped (put us out to trash) all of us small business clients who use a computer based email (we used Microsoft Outlook 2010). This worked extremely well for us. We relied heavy on the offline (locally stored) folders. These folders are now TOTALLY INACCESSIBLE in this new mass dump to the Internet GMail. To date we have not been able to get through to Telus - can be on hold for hours! Then if you do get through - they have no idea - not sure - so no real help AT ALL. If we could just get back into our old Telus email on our stand alone computer then they can still be accessed, printed, or saved into documents. What is wrong with TELUS!!!!
If we wanted an “Internet” email we would have switched. Have spoken to others and they are in the same predicament - absolutely no help for small businesses at all. Spoke to users in B.C. and was advised they are also still trying to get their offline small business folders. Is there any solution out there. All I keep getting is GMail does not synchronize properly - what kind of explanation does that mean. Also suggested was - perhaps you should not have switched! grrrrr

I don't use Outlook so I really can't help you with the detail. Have you followed the Telus instructions for setting up Outlook 2010?

Hi - we cannot access the MS Outlook 2010 that is loaded on the computer at all. It is totally frozen. MS Outlook 2010 just keeps trying to open with no luck. Someone else has suggested as per others that the takeover by the Google Internet Mail has blocked access back into our Outlook Program. Guess like being hi-jacked with no guidance.

The first thing you probably want to do is use File Explorer to find the .pst file which should have all your off line data. If you don't find a pst then look for .ost. I would look at the size of it and the file modification data, and then make a copy in a backup folder.


Then I see a Microsoft Support procedure to do a repair on an office product that includes Outlook 2010. Your could try that to see if that allows Outlook to start up again.

Thank you. I did read over your link. I am not computer savvy at all - and always leave all those things to the computer experts - but no one will come to work on this problem due to COVID. Am worried if I process any hint of a “scrub” command it may cause a loss of these business folders.
Why would Telus assume that everyone would be a computer pro.

FYI. It has now been a month since the Telus Email “mass disposal” to Google. Our small business still is unable to no access or to open our MS Outlook 2010 offline/local (business) folders or our many contacts. We don’t know anything about the “ins” & “outs” of computers - we always have a trained person to help with issues. Have been a Telus customer for more than 30 yrs! Still not able to get ANY help from TELUS. If we knew of this forced transfer we would have switched to Shaw. Feel totally let down by Telus. This company certainly has no interest in assisting in this problem in any way.
Which also shows they have no idea how to resolve this “major” problem!
We hope that we can find someone or some program that can access, open and use or print or save all those locally stored business folders!
We are exasperated and totally stressed!

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Community Power User

Have you considered mail programs other than Outlook 2010?
Folks have had success with Thunderbird, and Windows10 mail.


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I have used Thunderbird for over 10 years, I like how simple and clean it is. I highly recommend it. BUT my telus webmail suddenly stopped going to my Thunderbird account and had a few other issues so I re-downloaded it. When setting it up this gmail stuff kept coming up. I was confused because I had a telus email. Also it now won't let me do anything because it is rejecting my password. Up until day before yesterday after doing research I found out about the migration to gmail. I have not heard anything from Telus. I had called Telus support to get some help and ask about the gmail thing and he told me that Telus had changed over to Google but he never mentioned anything about a migration. He tried to help me but nothing worked. Does anyone know if my troubles with Thunderbird are because I have been migrated yet? I am not computer savvy. I have gone to the website pages that explain how to transfer Telus webmail to Thunderbird but none of them work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



About all I can do is tell you what I have done. I had a POP3 account in Thunderbird linked to my Telus webmail. I never really used the Telus Webmail. Thunderbird with a POP3 link downloads all email from the Telus server each time you open up Thunderbird. When my migration date was set, I opened Thunderbird the night before to ensure I had all the mail downloaded from Telus. The next day after I was migrated I set up a new account in Thunderbird following the instructions from Telus at this link:


Setup email on PC with Monzilla Thunderbird


Now I have a old, dead, set of folders in Thunderbird from the time before migration, and a new account with folders that I am slowly adding which is linked using IMAP to the new Google account. There is a point in this that lets you set up the account to an existing gmail address, or to a new one with Telus G Suite. I chose the new G Suite account which retains my existing Telus email address. 


For me, it basically worked for email. Contacts and Calendar have been a bit more problematic, but I have it pretty much sorted out. 

Do you think I will have to wait until I have migrated before I can reset my account in Thunderbird?

For sure I would try to fix your WebMail account in Thunderbird before you migrate. It may be just a matter of resetting your password. 

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

@Tinasco have you tried logging into If you are redirected to Google, you have been migrated. If you are able to access, (and possibly see the invitation form to pick a date) you are still on the old platform.


If you are on Google, use this article: Set up TELUS email on your computer using Mozilla Thunderbird


If you are on webmail still, use this article: and these settings:

Incoming (IMAP):  port: 993

Outgoing (SMTP):  port:465

Thank you SmoresGuy, this was very helpful. Looks like I'm not on gmail yet.

@BA2020 ,


If I was in your situation, I would be looking for some family or friend that has good understanding of PC based computer systems, to help you out. I suspect your data is still recoverable. And as @NFtoBC suggests you may want to consider a more current and stable mail program like Thunderbird.