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Email transfer from Telus to google mail


I have stumbled on a number of web articles about telus mail moving to gmail.  Link:

I have not received any notification of this.  Any idea what is happening.



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Community Power User

They are migrating the email accounts over in batches. They will email you prior to your account moving.

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Community Power User

They are migrating the email accounts over in batches. They will email you prior to your account moving.

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Thank you, as always, for the quick response. 


just Receive my emails from Telus notifying me of the transition/migration to Google. I opened it and clicked on

"get started" where I was prompted to enter my email and password which I did. Message came back invalid login and 10 invalid login may lock my account temporarily. I have tried several ways several methods with no success.


oddly enough,  I can sign into my Telus account and view my bills and invoices dating usage etc. Using the same email address and password I cannot logon in to do this transition.


has anyone else had this problem?


calling can't telus for help ... currently waiting on two telus lines..... long long waits?

can't seem to get any satisfaction.

I believe your Telus account login and password is totally independent from your Telus e-mail. You need your last valid Telus e-mail (webmail) password.

After migrating my email to Google, I can't log into to Outlook to access the emails stored locally.  How do access the emails that were not migrated over to Google?

I am afraid it has been many years since I used Outlook and Outlook express. However, I find it strange that you cannot access locally stored e-mail. Outlook is just a PC run software program, and should not be denying you access. 


I have switched from Outlook to Thunderbird some years ago. I find it much better. The e-mail part works well with the new Telus Google mail system. Thunderbird just mirrors what is on Google Mail, while keeping a local copy of the mail. If you don't want particular e-mail in the Google cloud, you just move it to a local folder. In the conversion I just opened a new account in Thunderbird with the new Google mail system, and kept the old Thunderbird mail in another account.

@martinwk You post is not clear.

"I can't log into to Outlook to access the emails stored locally."

Are you having trouble logging on to Outlook or you can log on but you can't see your locally stored emails?

Why is Telus such an unprincipled company?  I cannot use Outlook either. I have spent all day with support and they can't help me.

I wonder if Telus is getting a kickback from Google for using their e-mail. Where is the CRTC which such things going on?

This is Day 8 since my email was migrated. I am unable to access it since. I have spent countless hours on the phone, mostly on hold and have not gotten a resolution to the issue from any agent, no matter what is tried. I am supposed to get a call back from a technician who will do some sort of "challenge" during a 10 minute window...I'm still waiting and beyond frustrated.

Friendly Neighbour

My experience with Telus customer support is also terrible, it's sucked up huge amounts of time without resolving the problem. I think we need to fight back and am trying to think about how this might happen.

Is all TELUS support now offshore? It is exasperating dealing with people who obviously do not have access to/are not familiar with TELUS services. It is like trying to get help from someone who has access to a recipe book but has never cooked or baked in their entire lives.

Three follow-up e-mails to my TELUS agent and not a peep. I was given a ticket number but there was never any follow-through on their part. I had folders that did not transfer to Gmail. I could transfer those folders in less than a minute if they could just reactivate mt TELUS e-mail for five minutes. I'm sure that they could do the same. I'm guessing that this migration and related IT is offshore as well.

Actually the person that ended up assisting me the most & helped to solve the problem was located in Guatemala; if it weren't for him I'd likely be caught in the quagmire for much much longer

DMT: you said your email wasn't accessible after migration and now it's back?

I'm wondering, how long did it take to fix?
(I'm on day 3...)

Yes I have my email. After 8 days of many many hours on hold, speaking to 4 different people & going through several attempts with them to fix it!! An extremely frustrating experience. ONE person FINALLY was able to help me, did not "pass me off", followed through on what he said he would do and got the problem solved.

Good to hear you got it back, I'm glad that worked for you! It also gives me some hope... 

I haven't heard from Telus yet about my account being moved.  Are they doing this in sequence, ie by last name, alphabetically, etc.?  Can you tell me when the last day is that I should hear from them or is there any way to find out when I will be contacted?  Thank you.  

Community Power User
Community Power User

They're doing the migration in batches. Telus has not disclosed how they decide which accounts are done together, nor the time frame they expect it all to take. There are likely millions of accounts so it may take a while. I believe they will email you before the migration but I don't remember how far in advance.

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I am new here so I hope I do not step on any toes. I believe the best way to solve a lot of these email problems is just get your own little corner of of the Internet. I pay about $50/yr to HostPapa for a place to park my domain name. They also pick up the yearly cost of registering my domain name.

I can give out an unlimited number of email accounts, and the best part is I get to control them. I have given email addresses to all my family and friends who I exchange emails with regularly. One of the good things about this is HostPapa being a Canadian company, any email exchange within my domain stay within Canada. Google does not get a chance to snoop and send me adds. I do not understand how people can forget that Google is an ADD COMPANY. Using Chrome is another good way to get in Google's cross-hairs. I often wonder how many people would be running Chrome if some innocent app hadn't installed it. I have even switched from Google to DuckDuckGo as my search engine.

Thunderbird is a very good email client that has lots of features. Now that they have split off from the Mozilla I am not sure of their future. When I was working i the field I would download my emails and answer them at my convenience. Once back to an Internet connection I could send them all off in one batch.

I don't depend completely on my domain emails. I have a couple of outlook accounts and another I pay by the month. I just do not trust any company to keep doing things to help me. If I had to use Gmail for email I would go back to pen and paper. This is not what I was looking for help with. When I seen the post I started reading it and can not believe how low Telus has sunk. We do need more competition.


I agree Telus is a greasy company. When will they ever learn ?. Transalta had questionable ethics going back decades. Where did it lead them?  Is there stock over $5.00 now.  Encana used to cost their  SAG_D like an internal Ponzi scheme, borrowing from Phase B to Make Phase A look better. They took off to the States, didn't they?  When will the business leadership in this Province learn that the best practice is an honest day's work for a buck? Why is Telus using Google/Gmail? Can't they just develop a base that interfaces with all common email systems Outlook, Gmail, I-mail.

Are they getting a kickback from Google?