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Delay Connecting To Internet - Wired Connection


I recently had Fibre installed in my home and signed up for a plan with Telus. Everything is great except my PC connected to the router takes about 30 seconds to achieve a connection. I can only assume it's because the router has to communicate with the gateway to assign the PC an IP address. I tried setting a static IP in both the gateway and within Windows for my network adapter but neither fixed the issue. Is this just impossible and something I have to live with or am I missing something? Google doesn't seem to know and I couldn't find a topic on here of someone having a similar issue.


I hope to hear from someone soon as this is driving me nuts! Haha! Thanks in advance!



You mention a gateway and a router which is a bit confusing to me. You should have a router and an ONT. The router is where you would be adjusting the DHCP settings but you are saying you did it on the gateway.

Maybe you can provide some information to clarify your situation. 

  • Model numbers of the TELUS supplied devices
  • How is your PC connect to the network, Ethernet or WiFi?
  • Do you have other devices connected the same way and do they have the same issue?

I used their terminology. The gateway is what my fibre line is connected to from the wall. They also supplied a wireless router they refer to as a Booster and that's what my PC is plugged into. The supplied ethernet cables are a joke and are maybe 3 feet long. They don't reach my PC. I had an old cable lying around but it didn't reach either so that's why I'm plugged into the wireless router and not the gateway directly. It literally says in the title and in my question that it's hardwired.

So what Telus refers to as a Gateway is the Technicolor NH20T. The router is a R02. Does this help piece things together?


This post by @FuzzyLogic seems to describe the same issue you are facing:
"I also use the ethernet ports on the AP and they work fine but seem to 'hibernate' if not used for a while and take a bit of time (~30 seconds) to wake when the device connected to them is turned on."

Sure but it does me no good if there isn't a solution. The only fix I can find online is to plug in to the gateway and not the router. Cable shopping I go, I guess.

An alternate solution would be to put a 2.5 Gbps switch between the existing Ethernet and the booster.

To be clear, the switch goes between the NH20T and the booster and your PC would plug into the switch instead of the booster.