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conference calls

How do I setup a conference call with my board members so we can conduct a board meeting. Send the procedure to my email Thank You Wally Saunders

Wally1 by Just Moved In
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Problems activating Pixel 4xl eSIM

Hi,Telus has been problems activating eSIMs on Pixel 4xl for EPP/corporate accounts since January 22 or so. There is an open service ticket #9566548. So they expect me to call in from time to time to check. I'm likely going to change to Rogers next w...

PG1 by Organizer
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Telus not working abroad

We have Telus email and we use it (pop) on our cell phone and our laptop with outlook. Everytime we go abroad, and are on hotel wifi, we cannot send emails anymore. We HAVE to login to telus Webmail (which is hell, excuse my language). I tried using ...

Jetje by Helpful Neighbour
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local calling area explained for business phone service

Hi, I am on Strata Council for a 39 unit building in Vancouver. We are upgrading our intercom and working with TELUS business solutions section. There is a lot of confusion about local calling area and what this means. We have people who have want to...

thomqui by Neighbour
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I need to change my ASN number on my telus internet connection.

I work at a college. we get one of our internet feeds from telus. We are a AS of our own and connect to telus as BGP peers. We need to change the AS number to a new one. I called the number on the Telus edge device but the help desk said they coun't ...

Telus' Apple Reseller ID for Apple Business Manager

For iOS devices procured via Telus we need Telus' Apple Reseller ID in order to enroll devices into Apple Business Manager. What is Telus' Apple Reseller ID? Thanks.

nivek by Just Moved In
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SMTP setting for scan to email on scannner/printer

I am looking for the SMTP settings to configure the scan to email function on our all-in-one printer. it used to work with and port 25, but now just fails to send.We are connected to a Telus DSL internet connection and I am unsure when...

Kysato by Just Moved In
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EEP first time customer

Hello,I recently signed up for a company EEP plan through my work. I selected the offer, and phone as well as plan.I received an email stating they are processing my order it could take 3-5 business days. I got another email 4 days later stating that...