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iPhone XS Max Pre Order

Greetings, Pre ordered last Friday (When they opened) via a TELUS rep on my Business account.I see TELUS was guaranteeing Residential/Personal accounts delivery on the 21st I was just told that this offer/guarantee does not apply to a Business client...

enti342 by Organizer
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Possibilities of attack on smart home devices

I've been a tech enthusiast from my childhood and always been an early adapter of new technologies (even though my knowledge about these things are really low.) I'm also a TV person and I binge watch shows all the time. Mr. Robot was one of my recent...

Plugging another IP device to the ONT

Hi I work for a radio station and I was wondering if I could plug a device that needs a dedicated IP address into another port on the ONT. Are those ports useable? This device currently plugs into a network switch and right into the ONT which I feel ...

Platypus7 by Just Moved In
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Need a technician

Lorraines Nofrills in cold lake has no Telus line therefore we have no security in our store and need a technician ASAP

Lorraine2 by Just Moved In
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charging stations

hi thereI am looking to add charging stations to our rec centre . who can I contact ?

Paddy2 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! US Roam Ready fees?

I am hoping someone can answer a question for me concerning the Telus US Roam Ready plan. I know I can call Telus, but I find I don't always get the same answer from two different customer service reps. On the website under my account, under travel o...

Matt1 by Organizer
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Business Services + Residential Services at the same address??

Hello, I have been dealing with quite a few telus representatives and I cannot seem to get the same answer from anyone. I run a business from my basement. I have everything set up under Shaw this way : Residential Internet and TV for my household and...

BCCapital by Just Moved In
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Quebec Small Business Voice & Data Plans

I have been talking to TELUS about a new business plan for a month now. My current business plan being expired.I was looking a the Quebec Small Business Voice & Data Plans more specifically at the Premium plan 70$/month option. This option is differe...

MH1 by Just Moved In
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Suggestion for: Fiber in ___ Area

Hello,We have been (im)patiently waiting for fiber in our area. Last summer (July 2017) we even had some Telus employees running cables to the inside of our and adjacent businesses. After contacting Telus many many times about a projected timeline an...

MBlaise by Just Moved In
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Easy share plans when buying a new device

I’m confused. I’m looking to upgrade my phone. I’m looking at an iPhone 8 Plus. It shows that i can pay $160 for an 2 year Easy Share Plan or $360 for a 2 year Easy Share Plan. Why would I pay $200 more for the same plan?