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Beyond Frusterated


Long story short, business account, moving into a new office space.  Telus records show copper wire internet into new space.  The neighbors have confirmed high speed Telus service (in same building, the bay next door).  We have photos from inside of our building of the Fibre line (big yellow sign on cable clearly reads: "Telus Fibre Cable...Caution."  Yet because of the old records with Telus, they cannot/will not send anyone to verify, help, connect etc.  Spoke with someone directly with Telus this morning said to look at another provider (clearly employees care about the company).


3 weeks of calling, chatting etc. and still no one is willing to help.  They are now holding back our move as we cannot function without it.  This is beyond frustrating and i'm ready to throw hands up and look to another provider (Moby, Teksaavy etc).  


Has this ever happened to anyone?  Are there any avenues to take?  Clearly Telus does not want nor care about our business.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss escalating this for you.