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What Happened to Elite Travel Passes ?

I went for a trip to Mexico over New Years, and purchased a $15.00 travel pass that allowed for 75 texts over 10 days.($0.20/text) It was a great deal, as I did not need data or phone minutes. Now I see that it is no longer available, and that instea...

Matt1 by Organizer
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Fairness & Diversity

Dear Story Hive / Telus, With respect to your story telling & film program. I have noticed you offer specific categories and incentives for women and indigenous film makers. While I do support this effort and it may be considered diverse, what is gla...

SmartRG SR505N Connection Dropping/Internet Light Goes Off

Hoping someone can help.We're with a 3rd party SIP trunk provider since Sept.1st. They provide the SIP channels plus SmartRG SR505N modem/router and TELUS provides the line.For the 2 months we've been with this provider (and TELUS indirectly) our int...

JCH_2018 by Just Moved In
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iPhone XS Max Pre Order

Greetings, Pre ordered last Friday (When they opened) via a TELUS rep on my Business account.I see TELUS was guaranteeing Residential/Personal accounts delivery on the 21st I was just told that this offer/guarantee does not apply to a Business client...

enti342 by Organizer
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Possibilities of attack on smart home devices

I've been a tech enthusiast from my childhood and always been an early adapter of new technologies (even though my knowledge about these things are really low.) I'm also a TV person and I binge watch shows all the time. Mr. Robot was one of my recent...

Plugging another IP device to the ONT

Hi I work for a radio station and I was wondering if I could plug a device that needs a dedicated IP address into another port on the ONT. Are those ports useable? This device currently plugs into a network switch and right into the ONT which I feel ...

Platypus7 by Just Moved In
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Need a technician

Lorraines Nofrills in cold lake has no Telus line therefore we have no security in our store and need a technician ASAP

Lorraine2 by Just Moved In
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charging stations

hi thereI am looking to add charging stations to our rec centre . who can I contact ?

Paddy2 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! US Roam Ready fees?

I am hoping someone can answer a question for me concerning the Telus US Roam Ready plan. I know I can call Telus, but I find I don't always get the same answer from two different customer service reps. On the website under my account, under travel o...

Matt1 by Organizer
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