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Telus Business Connect; Voicemanager; Call handling

Hello, I'm posting to the Telus forums in a effort to obtain a solution whilst avoiding the inevitable on-hold music. One of my users recently installed the Telus Business Connect app on his phone, and he configured call handling to simutanously ring...

reverse DNS entry for static IP address

How can I get a PTR record entered in DNS for one of our static IP addresses? I have been struggling for 3-1/2 weeks now trying to get a PTR record (Reverse DNS) working for one of our Static IP address on our PureFibre service. I have a ticket open ...

billeuze by Neighbour
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Fibre Internet with Optik TV

why can a business not have the same capability for the basic TV pkg as in residentizl? Why can business accounts not vuew their plan online znd nake these changes for channels themselves? The small business plan robs businesses of their tome on hold...

BeeWee by Neighbour
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BusinessConnect Support Hold TIme Conspiracy

Over the past few days, I've had to contact Telus Business Connect support by phone at 866-558-2273. I press 1 for english, dial my billing phone number, then press 3 for tech support. Of the past 4 or 5 times I have called, my hold time has been exa...

Bea1 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Group email

I am using Bluemail email on my android phone. Lately when I send out a mass email all the messages addressed to addresses are rejected by the remote server. Any ideas about how to resolve this problem?

Candance by Friendly Neighbour
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Telus Business Connect - Cloud Based VOIP - Reference - review?

I would LOVE to speak to an existing client of Telus Business Connect. I am sincerely considering the product/service for my business. Let me know if we can have a very brief conversation or tell me about your thoughts on the product here

Howard11 by Neighbour
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Call reporting Example

I've been told that Telus Business Connect (RingCentral VOIP PBX) has some call reporting. Can anyone comment how good or bad it is? Can I export the call-data to a file? Can someone possibly show me a sample of the report? You can redact any sensiti...

Howard11 by Neighbour
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