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unwelcome advertising phone calls from Telus


I've been receiving repeated phone calls to my office number, from a Telus worker eager to inform me about some kind of offer or deal regarding my office phone or internet plan.  


I'm a very busy professional, my phone is intended for my clinical work.  Dealing with unnecessary calls and messages like this is a drain on my time and interrupts my work to help other people.  


During the last call, which I answered, I requested politely that the calls stop, with an explanation why, but the person on the line did not listen to me, and just continued trying to explain the offer or deal.   I do not fault the caller, because I realize that she was surely just doing the job that she was asked to do.  


I fault Telus itself, and the management who have directed staff to make these advertising calls, and presumably to push or continue the call even if there is a request to stop.  If there are offers or deals, they can be sent in the mail or through an email message.  The phone calls are intrusive and verge on harrassment.    If this type of behaviour continues, I would have to look at ways to find some other phone and internet service, but of course that would be a massive nuisance.  


I was looking for some way to send a mailed or email feedback about this issue, but could not find any address, only a number for a phone call.  This forum is not ideal for this purpose, but it was the only easy way I could express this without having to sit on my phone.  


I also would not want to have a call with someone at Telus about this, who would then make some sympathetic comment, etc. but then not actually do anything to remedy the problem.  I just want the advertising calls to stop!  


Helpful Neighbour

Yes, staff who do not listen are all too common. One can go on for weeks doing battle with these stupid people, and not get anywhere. The only way I put a stop to the intrusive calls about converting my connection from copper was to write to them by ordinary mail, TWICE, and even then they took months to react and stop the harassment.

Helpful Neighbour

These are the same people who suppose that kudos (pronounced kewdoss), a singular originally Greek noun meaning honour&glory, is a plural with singular kudo ...🤣