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panel communication error

Just Moved In

Last week I got an automated call from Telus Home Security telling me that there was a 'communication error' with my panel and asking me to call them.  They called me a second time while I was listening to the first automated message and they also called both secondary contacts with the same message.  When I called the provided number back I had to listen to a whole series of automated messages and a long-prerecorded message wanting me to sign up for a personal security device.  When the recording finished they hung up - so apparently there wasn't a 'communication error' and they just wanted to upsell me something.  I am very annoyed.  This is highly unethical, using a potential problem as a ruse to get me to call them so they can sell me something.  This is the second time they did this to me - the first time they wanted to update my panel and sensors, etc. but I ended up getting a better price so I was OK with that.  How do I make it clear to Telus security that it is NOT OK to try to upsell me stuff and NOT to use the 'communication error' ruse?


Hi @NicoleT  thank you for bringing this up. 

I do want to ensure that you called the technical support number for our SmartHome Security team. The number is 

I also sent you a message to ensure that the issue is resolved ASAP.