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Telus Smart Home Security

Just Moved In

I just finished installing my Telus security system. We were promised ,or at least our Telus rep was told by Telus support that, freeze detection was part of our Control package. Today i was told by Telus security support that they no longer offer a high/low interior temperature sensor. This remotely monitored option is necessary for our insurance company to insure our house while we were away for extended periods of time. This is a 5 year contract. Telus advertises that remote monitoring is possible with the smart thermostat for an extra $5/month.

A bit confused



Friendly Neighbour

Telus does stock a PowerG temperature sensor that can be paired into your security system, however this device is not offered at the moment. The best way to have this device added to your home is to purchase the PowerG wireless temperature detector and add it to your system yourself, or get into contact with one of your local technicians to provide you the sensor/help you set it up.