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Telus Scam ?

Just Moved In

Received a call yesterday supposedly from Telus Promotions. Gave some personal information to accept the Mobility offer.

Today I received an email from to confirm the order. The Department no. is  +1 647-474-3543.

The email looks a bit shady.

Can someone confirm if this is legit email and legit no. ?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Only a bit shady? It's a scam. Never give any personal info to those people. Telus will not be calling you to ask for your information. They also won't be calling or emailing you to offer a scam promotion either. 


You can even look up the data for the domain itself also. Telus doesn't use Google to register their domains and they don't use them to host their websites or DNS either. There isn't even a website attached to the fake domain name either.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Nighthawk is correct. That email address is not registered to TELUS and is a scam. If you've provided any personal information to them, please consider reporting it to the Canada Anti-fraud Centre: