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Skybell camera unable to stream

Just Moved In

Every time i try to start video, i get a message "There was a problem connecting to the doorbell. Please try again"


I've tried to restart my router. I've also tried to reset my doorbell camera. I still get the message.

The Camera works because whenever someone rings the door, or if the camera is activated by motion, if i wait long enough, I can view recorded videos of whoever is at the door.


BTW, how do we get in touch with support? Curious what is the best way to contact support.

From my app, i've tried email [email protected] and never got a response. I was also transferred to support and nobody picked up as well.


Community Manager
Community Manager

First, it seems you have done all the correct first step troubleshooting by restarting everything. This definitely needs intervention from our SmartHome team (up to and including the possibility of dispatching someone to replace your camera). You can reach them at their direct number: 1-855-255-8828.

Friendly Neighbour

Having the exact same problem. Powercycled entire system, the factory reset everything. The camera is definately connected to the wifi (as per admin in 198.xxxx.xx). It won't however connect to my phone. It used to. I even deleted/ reinstalled the camera. Twice. I'm out of ideas. Please help.

Have you checked to see if there is a firmware update for the camera through the app?

I only have the telus app. Never tried installing an app for the doorbell camera. Will have to check that out.


Hey @Jojo43 you can contact our technical support team at 1-855-255-8828.


I also would check if there is a firmware update but please contact our technical support team so we can look into the issue

According to Skybell website, they suggested I uninstall the app (Android) and reinstall it. That worked. Also made sure it had proper permissions. All good now! Hope that helps others with the same issue.

Just Moved In

My camera wont even connect to my wifi - ive tried so many times over the last year and half - even to the point of uninstall software and reinstall app on my phone .. but nothing. it worked the day the telus tech was here and then boom it stopped. I sit on hold with the telus call # for 1-2 hours and then get hung up on... can anyone help ?

Hey @Davinder_Singh I would remove the camera from your setup and re-add it if you are having those issues. If that doesn't fix the issue, then please call our technical support team at 1-855-255-8828