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How can I make a complaint regarding a Telus Truck driver?

Just Moved In

Interesting how there is no Forum for complaints?  


Today I experienced some road "discontent" from a driver of a Telus Truck leaving south from Cold Lake, AB at about 7:40-7:45 am.  1st he was driving at a high rate of speed, approximately 80 in a 50 zone.  2nd, Exceeding the highway limit in a way I have never seen a Telus vehicle travel before.  3rd Lack of use of indicator lights at corners or when passing other vehicles. And 4th....driving far too close, tail gaiting, on urban streets.  I actually stopped at the RCMP station.  This vehicle did have a lift for working high up on poles.  Does anyone know who I would make a complaint too?  I'm kinda nervous that this person might choose the wrong person to intimidate in future.


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @Cari, everyone's safety is very important to us.  We want to make sure we address the issue accordingly.   I sent you a private message to get a bit more details.  Thanks 

Hi, I have somewhat a similar situation. My brand new car just got hit by Telus bucket truck today and ran away. It was caught by my dashcam. My wife parked the car on the street and a Telus bucket truck was in front of her. She went to the daycare and when she came back the front of the car is damaged. When we reviewed the footage, the driver was reversing slowly at first and then stopped and then reversed again fast thus hitting my car. The car alarmed and the driver went down and looked at my car and just drove away without even asking around or leaving a note. I didn't know that Telus employees escapes responsibilities. It is very rude and making me angry. The bucket truck plate number is SY 1523 and it happened in Richmond BC. I wish I can attached the footage. Is there an email where I can send it to before I post it on the social media?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey. I'll send you a private message to gather some more info from you before reaching out to our field team about this. Thanks.