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Extremely Rude Door To Door Sales

Just Moved In
Earlier I had two Telus sales guys knock at my door. I’ve had rude sales people door knock before but these guys take the cake. The one guy kept hounding and actually said I can slam the door on him if I don’t want to continue listening. Telling them politely that I’m not interested wasn’t good enough for him. I did end up slamming the door and I don’t like doing that. Better than the alternative because I was fuming inside by that point. These 2 jerks walked off chuckling. Great job Telus! Hard to find good people these days I guess. Contact me for details if you care to follow up. I hope I don’t see Telus at my door again.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hey there, we’re terribly sorry to hear about this.  This definitely doesn’t follow our values and would like to follow up further to investigate and ensure this doesn’t happen again. We will be sending you a private message shortly.  Thank you!

Just Moved In

I just had a similar experience.  They would not stop trying to sell no matter how clearly I let them know that I do not buy anything door to door.  I had to ask them to leave 3 or 4 times before they finally did.  I don’t know if they were legitimate or not but they were certainly belligerent.

Just Moved In
This happened to me today this evening and I was also left fuming. Told him directly "I am not interested in your services" and "leave my property" at least 10 times and he refused. I also hate slamming the door on people but I had to do it and he was still yammering away behind the door. Are they trained to be this rude? I'm surprised to see so many other complaints and from so many months back! Seems like Telus isn't addressing this issue