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Aggressive door to door salespeople

Just Moved In
I was just verbally harassed by a Telus door to door salesperson who would not take NO for an answer. Three times I had to explain that we weren’t interested, all the while trying to calm down my barking dog and get the situation under control, but this kid wouldn’t back off. He even read the “no soliciting” sign on our front door. Didn’t care. Who ever is training these young guys to not respect boundaries or realize that, under ANY circumstances, NO MEANS NO. Back off. Go away. Experiences like these can be very triggering, dangerous, and unsafe. Shame on you, Telus, for promoting these types of aggressive tactics that leave customers feeling unsafe in their own homes.


@RichardRae wrote:
Three times I had to explain that we weren’t interested

No explanation is necessary. If you didn't invite them to your door then you don't owe them any explanation.


Just say "no, thank you" and close the door. Do not wait for any kind of discussion or agreement from the sales person. Just close the door. Works for me every time. I don't engage with them long enough to know whether they are rude or not.

Just Moved In

Today I had Telus Sales person at my door around dinner time. Since I didnt answer door bell he started banging violently on my door. I am concerned if these people are legit Telus hired sales people. I am surprised Telus is revealing our personal info with these strangers. This person wanted to identify our name I said not revealing , so he said anyways I have all your information???

Wow. That’s completely not OK. I’m so sorry that happened to you. My partner was able to finally speak with someone at Telus yesterday and they revealed that these salespeople are hired (and apparently trained) by a third party company?
So awful. And zero accountability from Telus.
We’re switching to another provider.

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

I'll reach out to you on a private message to see how we can help!