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Relentless Door-to-Door Sales people

Just Moved In


We have Telus salespeople stop by our house regularly. They do not take no for an answer. Today I was in a rush and forgot to look before opening the door. I saw it was Telus and told them I couldn't talk as my two young children were arguing upstairs and needed my help. Despite me asking them to leave, they wouldn't take no for an answer and kept saying that it would only take a few minutes. I had to close the door on them. I felt terrible being so rude but wow these people are relentless! Is it possible to have our house addd to a no contact list? I'm so tired of them! It makes me never want to get any services from Telus as they're just so aggressive.


I'd much prefer to contact Telus directly about this but there doesn't appear to be any phone number or email address listed on their site!? 


Community Power User
Community Power User

The word “No.” is a complete sentence. 
I just say: “No, thanks,” or “Not interested,” and close the door on unwanted callers, whether at the door, or on the phone. It is none of their business as to why you are uninterested.


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I agree that no is a complete sentence - its too bad they don't feel the same and I had to be so rude.


Surely there must be some kind of no contact list?