Pik TV on browser - HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! - Adobe Flash Pain and Choppy Video

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PIK TV on browser.  Super choppy and a pain to set up every single time I open browser to watch because of issues allowing flash.  Any timeline on abandoning flash?  I watch all other streaming services with no problem thru my HTPC.  Pik TV is only one with choppy unwatchable video and painful flash use that requires multiple painful steps every time I want to watch the golf channel. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

I’m sure Telus is well aware of the EOL. When they have something to announce they will. Telus doesn’t divulge when a release happens, it’s usually just announced. 

Telus already acknowledged the flash issue so all we can do is sit and wait. Things take time to make a change over it’s not as easy as just dumping it. There is plenty on the backend to upgrade etc.

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