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I have the Apple TV box, My subscription includes The Basics + Crave, PIK TV so why is it asking me to sign up and pay?


Community Power User
Community Power User

AFAIK, PikTV no longer exists, and all Telus’ TV products are being rolled into the Telus TV+ product, which has a higher price point than did PikTV.

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TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Chiming in here. TELUS has 3 TV products: Optik TV, Pik TV and Satellite TV. Pik TV and Satellite TV are no longer available for sale, but existing customers are still supported with technical support, billing inquiries, combo/packaging/channel changes etc. All Pik TV and Optik TV customers can use the TELUS TV+ app now (we deprecated the old Pik TV app), and what channels and features you have access to depends on what you subscribe to.


What are you being asked to sign in to? The Crave app? The TELUS TV+ app? Individual channels? Do you have access to any channels (CBC, CTV, Global, Citytv...) on the TELUS TV+ app or at Can you access Crave On Demand, but not the Crave movie channels (406-409) or HBO (400, 401) or nothing at all? Are you using the same login as you use at


Depending on what exactly the problem is, you may need a support representative to have a look. Bell has changed the Crave packages a few times over the past number of years, which may be the issue. 'The Basics + Crave' only included Crave On Demand, a legacy offering from Bell, and NOT the 4 movie channels or 2 HBO channels.