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Broken Apple version of Pik tv app

Since the update I have not had a better experience. In fact the pik tv app is unwatchable. It pauses, freezes. Then fast forwards itself. The best part is this is only happening on apple tv box I got from Telus. And the pik tv app. All other apps (Amazon Video, Disney+, Apple TV, and Netflix) all work fine. Spent the last 2 mornings uninstalling and the reinstalling the app. Super frustrating. And no support. Short of "uninstalling and reinstalling fixes it all the time."
That's not support... And it doesn't work....
Some help in finding a resolution would be great!

Our app development team is aware of the issue and working to resolve it. It's not widespread, but I know that's of no consolation if it's not working for you. My apologies and thanks for your patience. 

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Doubtful, most people probably give up on hold. Support over the phone is atrocious.

I held for 2.5 hours today!

DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO PIKTV USING AN APPLETV. I’ve just had a call back from Telus saying I have take this up with Apple direct.
1. This only manifests itself on PIkTV app with live stream TV on the AppleTV
2. It does NOT OCCUR with any other streaming app on the AppleTV eg BritBox, Prime, youtube etc
3. It does NOT occur on the PikTV app on Android TV
So it is clearly a fault with the implementation changes that were made to the PiKTV app on AppleTV.
Back office support is useless
Telus are liars
You have been warned my friends.


If there is anyone from Telus monitoring this, please advise your back office that I expect a response from the escalation team’s management AND it this will be posted elsewhere e.g. Facebook.


The phone call today was astonishing in its stupidity and blatant lies from the escalation team today, quotes from Telus below.

"If you run the app in a browser or on a tablet or phone we will support you, but if you have an issue with the app on an AppleTV you have to call Apple." But wait, what is the difference between me installing your app on an iPhone and me installing your app on the AppleTV. I don’t have trouble with Britbox or YouTube or Prime streaming on the AppleTV. Indeed your Crave OnDemand like these other services works fine. It’s only your live TV streaming on the AppleTV. And if it works fine on an iPad, how is that it not working on an AppleTV is Apple’s issue and not yours?


"You need to buy the AppleTV from Telus, we install special code on it" are you telling me that you pre-install the app and other ‘special sauce’ on an AppleTV and therefore the download links and installation advice you post on your website are useless? Buying an AppleTV from Telus is positioned as an extra, not a requirement. From the Telus website, How can I watch Pik TV on my devices? Pik TV lets you watch any way you want. Use your computer or laptop browser. Download the Pik TV app and watch it on your smartphone or tablet. Or watch on your big screen using Apple TV or the Pik TV Media Box.


"Oh and you said you have more than one AppleTV, so you need to buy more than one PikTV service if you have more than one AppleTV" But your own website says that, Your Pik TV includes: Live TV - stream up to 2 different shows on different devices at the same time. And, How many devices can I connect to Pik TV? You can watch Pik TV on 2 devices at the same time. This includes your mobile devices, tablets, browsers, Apple TV, and your Pik TV media box.


So like I said you need to call Apple and take it up with them as we won’t support you” Well, why don’t you send me one of your ‘special AppleTV’s and have an engineer come and watch, or I can send you a recording of the issue, or you could just look at the other postings on the Telus neighborhood? …. Crickets


From an IT guy to your IT guys, hang your head in shame Telus. Lies and BS do not make for a good service offering…

My Friend


You are not alone. I'm using Pik since it was born (2017). And it worked only in January and February of 2021 (after the late 2020 update) without any hick-ups for two full months. Then after the latest update it went back to the old (not working) normal again.


Personally I would prefer a simple app like a ROKU app that always works, without the "fancy" but useless stuff like TV schedule etc., since I want to watch TV!


FYI I'm using the original Android box.




The saga continues...
I was called by escalation team “did you receive the HDMI cable?” What? I didn't request a HDMI cable. “But did you receive it?” No, Oh good grief.

Then another call asking the version of tvOS and app version. Ok now asking the right questions. 14.4 and 1.6.... silence.

A call later today asking me to use Xcode on a Mac to connect to the AppleTV to pull log files. No can do, my Mac is too old to install Xcode (a programmers tool). The instructions below hahaha...

Make sure that your Mac and Apple TV are on the same Wi-Fi network. On your Mac, open Xcode and choose Window > Devices and Simulators. On your Apple TV, go to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Remote App and Devices. In the Xcode device manager, select your Apple TV.
Enter the six-digit pin that appears on the Apple TV on your Mac. Your Apple TV is now paired with your Mac.

these instructions would cause the apple tv to show up in the console app on their macOS device and then

Then you would have to use console to connect to the AppleTV to grab log files. And send to Telus.

Since they sent the instructions vis email I took the opportunity to send them a video of what is occurring.

Support. Not.

Another ping from support asking the version of PikTV I’m running. Do they not write any of this down?

But the kicker is this admission “ We have one team member who just got apple TV and he is trying to reproduce the issue. ”

So support have been feeding a pack of lies as they didn’t even have an AppleTV to test this on.


...and another caller asking the same questions again...


totally useless.

I had the same response from Telus. But I’ve called 4 times with the same issue. So they’re lying. They don’t know how to solve it. Their back office team says “we don’t see any issues”.

Just Moved In

So if the team is aware, can we expect a fix or do I need to resign PikTV ? because for now it’s completely unwatchable.

So when are we going to get a fix? It makes sport unwatchable.

Helpful Neighbour

so this issue is still ongoing...I posted a similar problem this week but these comments are from November last year....

Friendly Neighbour
I too am having this problem, trying either the Optik TV and Pik TV app has the same problem. (We have Optik TV but are able to log into either app). Has Telus been able to resolve this for you yet? It’s totally unwatchable for us.

The same is happening to PIKTV on my appletv’s. There is nothing wrong with other apps or bandwidth. The app itself appears broken.

I spoke to an agent today. No help. This was escalated to second line and I was promised an email with resolution. None arrived. I’ll be escalating again tomorrow.
The agent admitted it is the app that is at fault.

And I went around the same loop again with another rep today. Sigh. There was no record of the previous call and we went through the same “try unplugging it” nonsense again. But she took an action to get back to me after second line support have advised her of the fix. Still the live tv app continues to pause-speed.