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Wireless Optik Box and PVR issues after multiple replacements


Since updating my TV Optik equipment last fall (Sept/Oct) with the fiber optik upgrade and needing new equipment to access Netflix I've had nothing but problems.  Boxes freezing up, locking up or distorted quality of image.  


I've gone through many replacements for both the PVR and now wireless box.

As well as had multiple technicians come in to fix the issue, moving the equipment to different tv's and cable plug ins.  My PVR is now connected to the modem while the wireless box is plugged in to the main TV.


I just had my wireless optik box replaced and the same issue has continued.  I don't have an internet issue as my wifi fine.  I also have just been given a new PVR box prior to fix the wireless box issue, and a new wireless box again and the issue persists.


Why when I pause something now on tv it maybe pauses for a few minutes then a pop up box shows up saying it needs to jump to live tv and does so on it's own... Telus website says it should be able to pause for up to 90 min and I never had an issue until I've received the upgrade/updates.  This is constant and very very annoying as I miss shows.. also if I pause and hit play, not too long after I still get a pop up saying it's going to live tv.

Other pop ups include not being able to pause for a few min when a channel is changed, or that too many tvs are in use (which they are not) or other recordings (which aren't happening).  Also changes in rewinding and FF live tv seems different. 

It's just been beyond frustrating to not get a box that hasn't had an issue or is this just an issue with telus going forward and boxes that are poorly made? I'm debating switching companies because going forward I don't know how many boxes I'll get that seem to have this issue. 


I don't want to be watching something and pause for some time just to lose it all for it to skip shows or sports, especially if it is constantly inconsistent or not functioning how it's supposed to.


Can I please get some support to understand why I've had multiple boxes that seem to always have issues and technicians out that say there are no background issues and get given replacements that never seem to be better? 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Definitely not the experience we want our customers to have. I'll send you a private message to discuss further.

We are having the exact same problem - why not post the solution on here??


Hi @julestasch I recommend calling in to our tech support team in order to diagnose the issue. Please contact them at 1-888-811-2323

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

If you're using Optik 4K PVRs and/or 4K wireless digital boxes, then you for sure should be able to pause live TV for up to 90 minutes. At that point, the show would simply resume from the pause point and you'd be 90 minutes behind live; there shouldn't be any popups or skips to live if things are working properly. Fast forwarding is at the discretion of the content provider, so it may be blocked depending on the channel (most channels are blocked from fast-forwarding live programs that have been paused or restarted). This wouldn't have changed from box to box.


If you're on a high enough internet speed plan (250+), your household account should be able to support 6 concurrent streams (including recordings).


Based on what you describe, there is either something wrong with your account (causing the stream count max) or something going on with your home network that's causing pause buffer/jump to live problems. Do you have any 3rd party networking gear? Mesh networks or switches? Or did a technician install Wi-Fi boosters when you upgraded from copper? Not all of these are compatible with the multicast Optik TV solution.


Unfortunately, Netflix withdrew support for their app on the HD boxes, which were 10+ years old, so to continue watching Netflix, an upgrade was necessary and outside of TELUS's control. 


Our tech support and technicians would be best to diagnose this as they have visibility into your equipment and network.