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TELUS TV Feature Updates - Ongoing

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Dear Neighbours, 


We’re experimenting with different formats to assure you we’re listening and working on improvements to the TELUS TV platforms. We have frequent releases designed to tackle the platform's immediate and long-term stability, and we’ll do our best to keep this thread up to date with each new release to celebrate our wins together.


Please note this is not an exhaustive list; minor customer-facing fixes and non-customer-facing backend work are not included. 


Q1 2024 (WIP):

  • Recording improvements: Series recording on news-related programs
  • Guide filter selection such as “my favourite channel” remains after turning the TV off and on
  • Search results are now expanded to include third-party streaming apps availability in the program detail page
  • Optimized search functionality via content type and cast member names
  • Default focus on home - requiring only one click of the “back” button to return to the last watched stream
  • User experience and design improvement on Apple TV and iOS

Q4 2023:

  • Additional 4K channels on the TELUS TV Digital Box and Android TV devices 
  • New and Live tags in the TV Guide
  • Increased Cloud Recording duration to 90 days
  • Pay Per View events are now available for purchase
  • Recording improvements 
    • Unviewable recordings can now be deleted
    • The recordings manager now shows the newest recordings first
    • Bug fixes related to recordings going missing
    • Bug fixes for sports recording auto-extension 
  • Surround Sound is now available
  • Dismissing the “next episode” prompt is now working correctly

Q3 2023

  • Chromecast - cast from TELUS TV+ mobile app to Chromecast-enabled receivers
  • Game Zone - a dedicated zone on the Telus TV Digital Box with over 180 free and simple-to-play games using your mobile device as the controller 
  • Resume from your Apps row on the home screen to resume shows from Disney+, Apple TV+, Prime Video and more

Q2 2023 

  • Playback Performance Toggle - A new option in the Settings menu aimed at improving video playback on older Android devices (mobile/tablet).
  • Pause Live TV for up to 15 minutes on the TELUS TV Digital Box and TELUS TV+ app
  • Restart a show from the beginning that aired up to 30 hours in the past
  • Profile improvements
    • Recordings only show in individual profiles
    • ‘Recommended for you’ personalized by profile
    • ‘Favourite channels’ and ‘Favourite movies & series’ by profile
  • Live Sports recordings are automatically extended; 90 minutes for tennis & 60 minutes for all other sports



Your Friendly Neighbourhood TV Product Development Team.

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Friendly Neighbour

When will we be able to see and use profiles? I did get a chance to set up a couple of profiles but have never been able to use them or find out where to access them.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Dave68 


Profiles are live in the TELUS TV+ app and on the TELUS TV Digital Box. If you've set them up, the first screen that you get when you power on the set-top box or launch the app should be a profile selector (see image from iOS). A few details about how profiles work:


1. they each have their own unique list of recordings (set, watch, edit recordings independently of other profiles)

2. they each have their own unique watch list with bookmarks (you can pick up where you left off independently of other profiles)

3. Recommendations are profile-specific so they depend on viewership history within the profile

4. Favourite channels/series and movies are profile-specific

5. Maturity rating filters are profile-specific

6. Purchase PINs are set at the Admin profile level and apply to all profiles 

7. On Demand purchases are available across all profiles (but may not show up or be playble depending on the maturity filters applied. For example, an 18+ movie will not show in a Kids profile)




It's worth noting that profiles are not supported if you have legacy Optik TV equipment; 4K PVRs and 4K wireless digital boxes.

Friendly Neighbour

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I do not receive this screen either on the TELUS TV+ app or on the TELUS TV Digital Box when they first start up.

Until you setup another profile the Telus tv app and digital box will automatically boot into the admin (default) profile. You would not get a profile selection screen. When on main menu screen the profile logo is top right of screen. If you click on that (mine by default was a butterfly logo ) , you will see an option to add profile. Once another profile is created when you turn on digital box or Telus tv app you will get the option to select the profile to use.

Hope this helps.

Friendly Neighbour
I already setup two profiles. I also do not have a profile icon on the app.


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

There might be something strange going on with your account that a technical support agent might need to resolve if you're not seeing profiles on your devices.

Friendly Neighbour

Here is a screenshot of the appIMG_9888.PNG

Sorry I was thinking you were talking about the Telus tv app on tv not phone. None the less on the Telus app on my iPhone I have the profile icon bottom far right next to the recordings option . Not sure if you are using Android phone or maybe need to update app if on iPhone.

Just started using the Telus tv app on appletv . Is there no previous channel option ? I know it’s on the Telus android box and the android tv app. Seems ridiculous to have to scroll through every channel ( even unsubscribed) in the live guide to go back to a previous Channel.

So assuming you're using the AppleTV remote, I checked online and it appears that the bundled remote doesn't have a previous channel button, however double tapping the 'Siri remote play/pause' button may do the trick? We're asking our team if they're aware of a definitive answer in case that doesn't do the trick.

Thanks for the reply. Yes the Siri Remote doesn’t have a previous button. In the android tv app on Sony tv or the Telus digital tv box while watching a Channel when you press the directional pad up or down you will see the progress bar and option for previous channel, record, restart tv. On Apple TV there is no previous channel option .

We confirmed with our team that there's no button, but that it's been added to our team's log for assessment. We'll update when/if we get any news from our dev team!


Not saying it is not possible to repurpose the amount of uses for a button on the basic remote, but really, how many functions can one button perform and then how many of these functions must the user remember. 

Like the long press on rec takes you to the recorded shows, but don't press long enough records the watched show. The go back button also has multi function, yes go back but long press to clear the screen.

The current remote has a go back and also a prev button, perhaps the prev button can be used for previous views. Each goes to a different screen.


Is there an upgrade remote on the horizon with more buttons to reduce multi use functions.


So while watching one channel, go to guide or channel up/down and pick another channel. Now press PREV and it will show the previous channel you were watching, click and you are back. 


anything other then live sports without a 45 second delay is a waste of time. 


Hey TELUS Team, in my personal opinion, the new android platform is a great step in the right direction, and I can see the vision for a completely unified platform that will function across a variety of different device and OS ecosystems. Kudos to your efforts so far! To my fellow community members: This is not easy, and for telco providers who started in the previous generation of broadcast standards - the "struggle street" is real when rolling out new features. But I hear all of you, you're paying for a service and expect the same or better quality when getting a hardware upgrade...


TELUS, I think your main focus should be on picture quality with this new platform. Your current offering both HD and 4K is definitely limited on bitrate (and sometimes framerate - I experienced dropped frames during the playoffs)... I have my android box hooked up via Gigabit ethernet so it's not my network.


It's very easy to see when comparing and live broadcast channels vs watching something via the Netflix app (be that HD or 4K on the same android box). The effect of poor video bitrate is further exacerbated with the advent of TV manufactures offering larger screens, at higher resolutions (even though they try use fancy techniques to try "up-scale"). The problem is only going to get worse, and your efforts in picture quality should be top on your list.

Friendly Neighbour

Adding ARC compatibility for Sony HTA-3000 soundbar hooked up Sony TV ARC port and Optik PVR HDMI to TV support?   When?


Ok that was February. Still not able to FF and view as it plays. Can not extend the recording time on sports games, in fact tonight the recording stopped before the game was even over. It seems like a lot of talk and no action.


I also dislike the fact that the box shuts down after 4 hours, I leave the tv on to keep my dog company and 6 hours later come home to a silent house. Called three times for support...told me they fixed it but still happens. this box sucks!!!!

When you’re right, you’re right.

I do the same, come home to a quiet house. Silly time out. . . . If I wanted it off I would turn it off.

Really frustrated lately that some of my recordings are not recording. I have games and races recorded come home to watch and nothing saved. I even double checked on my phone while I was out on the app and it showed scheduled to record, but there was nothing there when i got home. These glitches and drops outs are starting to become something I can't have any more patience with.
Not to mention the features and options I used daily that are lacking from this setup really bugs me.
All said, this Telus system really is a disappointment and making me rethink my choice to switch over from shaw / Rogers 😥