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Optik TV recordings disappearing

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I have not been able to record many of my favorite channels. I would hit record once and the red icon would appear without problem. As soon as I hit it twice to record the series, the icon changes to the three red dots and shortly disappears.
Even when I record a single episode, it would show in the recordings but when trying to views , it gives me this error
I have not been able to record much things, I just recently upgraded from the PVR to those digital boxes. Anyone experienced this before ?

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yes;many times, is junk, get appletv and install telustv app for better experience

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, we want to get this looked at. I've sent a private message your way - please keep an eye out for it 🙂

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Often, when I try playing a recording using my telustv android box I get this:


But when I try to play the same recording on my apple tv, no problem.

Also, when I can play recordings, they often stop unexpectedly, starting from the beginning (with no sound) or with the following error:


Recording on Telus TV is a very frustrating experience. Why does it work properly on AppleTV?


So what is the answer???? Why has Telus not fixed this?? I have the same issue. What am I paying for?! This is junk!

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @bb33, for player error 204, thanks to user @MrSL 's update, this may be an internet issue that an agent can assist with. See his thread here.


In terms of Player error 212, this error can be caused by users trying to tune into a 4K channel but don't meet the criteria, such as not using a 4K HDMI cable, or if you're not on a 4K TV. Please ensure you're using the supplied HDMI cable and that it is properly connected to the TV. 


If this is happening on all the channels on a specific device, please try to reboot the device!

We get this message as well. Box is hardwired Cat 6 to modem with 1gig fibre. It is not an internet issue as it is radom recording that do it. The same series recoded on day later or one day earlier works fine.
I believe this is and Android Cloud issue