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Optik TV -- Recording & Playback

Just Moved In

Just switched from Shaw TV and we're a bit disappointed with the Telus remote control, guide page, and recording/playback features.  Or maybe we just can't figure out how to use them... 🤔


(1)  On the guide page, I can use the 'channel button' to scroll up and down the page in jumps, rather than one line at a time, but there doesn't seem to be a way to toggle ahead a full day.  


(2)  When Fast Forwarding through ads in a network recording, I can't see the video fast streaming.  This means a series of 30-second bumps ahead, which brings you back into the recording underway.  Then a series of 10-second backward bumps, back to the end of the ads.  With previous equipment, I could simply watch the video fast-forwarding (at two or three different speeds), and stop it at the appropriate place.  (When watching Prime Video, you can get a series of picture boxes showing the video and use them to decide where to stop/start.)


(3) You now have to pay extra to record programs.  When we decided to switch from Shaw to Telus, and signed up with an online agent, he didn't mention anything about this.  With all previous Shaw and Telus accounts, the ability to record was included.  Why would you want a PVR, except to record programs?  So when the Optik guide page first appeared on our screen and I attempted to set up our daily recordings, a message came up saying recording wasn't included in our plan.  I had to contact an agent and have it added.


These things were all easy to do with previous equipment from Telus and Shaw.


Ah well, otherwise the system seems to be  working well.  The picture quality is better than before.




TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Steveinvictoria 


Hopefully the following helps you out a bit. There are good overviews of the remote control and navigating the interface at and 


As for your specific questions:


1. If you press the options button on your remote when you're in the guide, you can 'Jump to date' and select any date up to 12 days in the future.

2. These thumbnail images or preview screens are called zoetropes, and we're looking at implementing them in a future release. For now, you can also press and hold the left and right arrows to fast forward/rewind rather than using skip ahead/skip back (though you won't see a preview).

3. One piece of feedback from customers is that a lot of folks value choice and flexibility. We've made recordings optional at the lower-end of the price continuum for people that don't use them and would prefer not to pay for them. We dropped the price of the entry-level Optik TV combos and made recordings an optional add-on while higher-tier combos include recordings. We've also dropped the price of our equipment rentals, and since recordings are now cloud-based, you don't actually have a physical PVR in your home anymore. 

Here is another example of users getting very frustrated with this system and the support channels.
Your suggestion of:
" 1. If you press the options button on your remote when you're in the guide, you can 'Jump to date' and select any date up to 12 days in the future."
Is something new and wasn't in the link you provided for information on getting familiar with the new equipment.
I have seen numerous times now when little easter eggs like this trickle out.
Can't you people publish a comprehensive outline of functions ??
Better yet,, fix the inadequacies in the overall system functionality.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @RobG3987 


Apologies that we missed this button in the remote control guide that was linked. When you're in the guide view, there is 'Press options to filter' beside the clock in the top right corner of your screen, but it may not be obvious that you could filter by date. The options button functionality when in the tv guide was added from user feedback after the how-to remote control guide was published online. We're reviewing the full button functions with the remote team and design team to make sure that there isn't anything else missing. In the interest of sharing information (but at the risk of trickling it out), if you press the OK button during playback (either live or On Demand), it will pause playback and bring up an information overlay. If you press and hold the OK button when in the guide, it will bring up an information overlay where you can set a recording, view details or add the channel to your favourites. Again, these are recent functionality improvements, but we'll add these to the online user guide. 


Our design team does endeavour to add on-screen tips when we add new functionality, and software upgrades include 'onboarding' screens highlighting new features and functionality, but we can do a better job keeping the online manuals up to date, so thanks for the feedback.

Hi @RobG3987 We also created this post to help with the information flow, which I will continuously update . Please see helpful tips and tricks section.


Friendly Neighbour

Hi SteveinVictoria,

How much extra did you have to pay to be able to record your programs? I just got Telus 3 days ago and I got the same message. I'm not sure I will stay with Telus. I didn't have to pay to record at Shaw.