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Audio sync issue on Apple TV

Just Moved In

I've noticed that recordings from Global TV have audio sync problems on the Apple TV app (specifically when watching Elspeth), but recordings from other channels don't. Any idea what's wrong? I read a post from last year that talked about American shows/channels having this problem, but we can see other American shows (Grey's Anatomy, Station 19, Rookie) without such problems.



Hey @ajho I've personally not encountered issues with my recordings but can you delete the app and download it again and let me know if that fixes the issue?

Thanks. I did that once a couple of weeks ago and the problem is still occurring, but I'll try again.

Yeah let me know if that works. If not I'll see what else we can do

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @ajho , this has been an ongoing issue that's in the works. For now, when the lip sync becomes noticeably off, changing the channel or exiting the player and replaying the channel will resync the audio. I understand it is not ideal, the least amount of disruption would be to quickly flip to the next or previous channel and tune back.