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Resolved! Nothing showing under usage. For mobility account. Pls help.

Hello.We have an account that has been shut off. But we are trying to determine the usage information. When I click on usage it comes up and says please click an account but then it is just blank.Why is this? How do I get this information. I need det...

MandyMac by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! No Loyalty from Telus

I recently called to look for a loyalty offer from Telus. There may have been a communication barrier with the agent or potentially a lack there of. I have 3 lines on a business account and have been with Telus for a number of years. I have paid clos...

C_Mc by Neighbour
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Resolved! Account showing less minutes than I should have

One question that I forgot to ask in my previous topic: When I renewed/transferred ownership of my number, the plan I picked came with 300 minutes. When I check my account though it only shows that I have 100.If I only have ten days between the start...

Moofey by Organizer
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Resolved! Getting double-dipped on overage charges

My number was part of a shared plan until about a week ago when I had ownership of my number transferred to my own account with a new plan. At the time of the transfer the shared plan was approx. ~300MB over its limit, which after the transfer I note...

Moofey by Organizer
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Resolved! Very Disappointed with Telus Offers

I'm looking to upgrade one line to an iPhone 7 and called into customer service to discuss plans. I ended up being offered nothing but the standard rates that a new customer would get even though the lines been with Telus for ~20 years. When I mentio...

MartinK by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Contract ending, looking for new phone

My contract ends December 9th, I was looking on the site and am interested in getting the LG g6 or the Samsung s7 the same way I got my current HTC m9 , which is ordering online as there isn't a store in my town and don't have funds to get out of tow...

Caitlyn96 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Bill higher than norm?

Hi, I was wondering if my bill is excessively higher than most? Im a BC resident (if that matters) and I recently got my samsung galaxy s7 edge with the 2 year contract deal. I have unlimited nationwide LD calling, 7gb of data, and telus device prote...

Resolved! Telus my account Android 7.0

Just upgraded my phone to lg v30 and on Android 7.0 and it's the currect password and not letting me login on the app, only on the latest version of chrome for Android... Why? Do I have to mobile account too? Only have Rogers wireless.

Resolved! Can not link login to my account to see usage etc

So it started with forgetting my password on the mobility app when it updated. SO I reset it and logged in to my account and linked mobility service and it keeps saying waiting for approval.....everytime I login in and then put my mobility account nu...

sc0rez by Just Moved In
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