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Resolved! Renew USA Travel Plan on-line BEFORE old one expires

My understanding is that currently you may not set up a new USA Travel Plan until the old one expires. If you try to do so, you receive a message saying, "We are unable to add this travel pass. Call 611 to add a travel plan." Calling 611 and waiting ...

gagafix by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Shenanigans

Edit, too long.Telus gave me a defective phone.The call centre told me I could return it to a store, rather than the dealer.I got a new phone.It died.I got another phone.Second phone started working again - problem was a screen protector I bought fro...

YVR by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Why did money get taken off my account

Hi money got taken off my account and I don't know why it says it's because I made a long distance call but I thought I plan has long distance calling and plus it also has mins. So I don't understand I want my money back

Tt1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Prepaid account number

So I accidentally deleted the email with my mothers account number on it before i could link it with my own account. Now i've tried to recover it to no success what should i do? is there a way to get another one sent?

haaaalp by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Account suspended just after 2 days of use

I woke up this morning without any service only to have it up and running 3 hours later after restarting my phone. At the end of my workday, i noticed again it's out of service. Now I find this odd so I get on the chat with Telus to see whats going o...

Resolved! Blocking outgoing calls/messages from an Iphone

Hi,I searched around and it seems Telus doesn't have a system to block outgoing calls/messages. I was wondering if we change our phone number, will that reset our Mobility Account. We don't want access to old bills that have certain phone numbers we ...

Syphax by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Why are Telus' web pages incorrect? Does not work. There is no link on the final page to get to Favorite Numbers. I was charged over $20 for 2 short calls to my girlfriend (who lives a 30 minute drive away).I e...

DarkSky by Just Moved In
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