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Covid Disconnection

Just Moved In

I am a Karaoke Dj/Musician and have been a long time Telus customer. Unfortunately Covid-19 has closed all my venues I play (4 different venues each week) and my telus bill has been going up. I managed to "scrounge" up $100 at least to show I still have every intention of keeping my Telus account, and now they want it paid in full WITHIN A MONTH. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!  How do they think that is a reasonable response during this Covid-19 crisis? How do I extend my payments so I keep connected during these unprecedented times?


Hello @StartShutdown

Oh man sorry to hear that!. Our of curiosity, did you not apply for CERB? You seem to be eligible do CERB since you're a DJ/ musician that lost their job because of it unless I'm missing another piece here..

Have you contacted Telus and spoke to a manager at their escalations department?.

CERB was unavailable in my situation as my taxes are behind.. And I owe still for those.  I shall call in and try to reach the escalations dept. Thanx.

Hello @StartShutdown

Hmm okay. Hopefully they can. Explain to the representative you're situation and see if they can help first. If they refuse or can't? Ask to speak to a manager, they should be able to give u some more space and payment schedules that could work.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @StartShutdown ,


Sorry to hear the impact COVID-19 has had on your DJ/Musician business. 

I would suggest contacting your Payment Services Team and request "Payment Arrangements". They will help you get on a payment plan in a balanced way to ensure your service remains active. There are other factors to consider which may adjust how far down the road an arrangement can be. 

Since your not eligible for CERB, there is still many other great options available. Some provinces are giving breaks on hydro, rent, and other things. I suggest going to your official provincial website and see what is available. Below are some quick links to each province government website. You want to search for keywords such as "Financial" "payments" "relief".


Here are some quick links to most provinces in Canada

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