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Contract is almost up, having trouble figuring out new plans.


Hi all, 

My contract is almost up and have been looking into options for new plans and a couple of new phones.   There are three of us on the account, I'm the main account holder.   Me, my wife, and my kid.     Right now I'm paying around $210 for all three and would like to keep it around the same amount.  

With the new contract we need two new phones and three plans.  So one plan would be a bring your own device plan.   I"ve been looking and it seems like I can't do what we were doing before. 

we don't need ten gigs of data each, we only need ten gigs of data  to share between the three of us.  I really don't want to pay for data that we're just not going to use.  Right now we have 5 gigs to share between the three of us and it's worked great for us.  we don't use a lot of data.    Looking online I don't see any options to share ten gigs.    Also,  I figure we would be paying around 35/month for each new phone.   Any advice?   


Two new phones and plans, 

One bring your own device plan, 

Ten gigs of data shared.   

Is this even possible to do anymore?  


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @kyleonssi ,


Ill try to help clarify some things and help you achieve a price point similar to the $210 price point with our new plans. 


Most carriers are switching to unlimited plans which includes unlimited calling, texting, and data across Canada. Although they may include more features than you need, these plans reduce the chances of overage or long distance charges keeping your bill the same each and every month.


Although your current lifestyle and usage works with 5GB shared data, as technology increases, so does the amount of data you use. As your daughter grows up, she will likely want to use social media more which also consumes more data. The last thing we want is for you to get locked into a new agreement and get stuck with a 5GB shared plan with the only option to purchase expensive top-ups (1GB $22) or get charges with data overages which add up quickly.


New phones have higher screen resolutions, which means more data is consumed watching the same video, viewing a picture, etc. New phones have better cameras, which means more data usage when uploading to iCloud or Google. With 5G rolling out data speeds will be much faster, and can quickly use up multiple GB in a few seconds. To avoid overage charges, all of our plans include 10GB or more.


We have also noticed customers with limited data plans tend to leave their data off and limit what their phone can do in fear of getting an overage charge. With the new unlimited plans you get the peace of mind to use your phone whenever you want on data and explore some great new apps to make your cellphone experience more enjoyable. You can now use Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram and other great streaming services without worrying.


In regards to pricing for plans with a new device, a few things have chanced since two years ago which causes an increase. Service agreements used to be 3 years, and now they are 2 years. TELUS can no longer split the costs of the device across 3 years, now we can only split across two years. Computer usage has decreased, and mobile phones are now being used as a computer alternative. To achieve this, phone manufactures are turning smartphones into portable computers. They contain far more memory, RAM, and very fast processors. When choosing new phone, take into consideration what you are getting. Most users are very happy with the performance of phones which are a few years old or are part of the budget line-up such as the iPhone 7, iPhone XR, and iPhone SE 2020. They are still very fast, have great cameras, but don't include the latest and greatest tech which drives the cost up. 


Currently our Peace of Mind plans including unlimited data are the most affordable option.

  • 3 lines on the Peace of Mind 10GB $75 will receive a family discount of $30, resulting in a monthly total of $195/month ($15 under budget).

  • For a new iPhone 7 which is currently $10/mo Easy Payments, you could add two, and have the total monthly cost of $215 ($5 over budget).

  • You can save even more monthly by selecting the Bring-It-Back option (if eligible) for a new device, which will reduce your monthly payments with the contingency of returning the phone after 2 years, and getting a new one. 

  • Adding a 4th line on the Peace of Mind plan will increase your family discount from $30, to $60, and each cellphone plan would drop to only $60/month.

  • You can save even more on your mobility account If you have TELUS Internet, TV, Home Phone, Smart Home Security, or ADT powered by TELUS. In addition to discounts also added to your home services for having a mobility account.


Hopefully that helps a bit 🙂

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That helps a lot.     The data sharing is important to us, as we still won't need that much data.  10GB is probably perfect for the three of us.  My wife uses very very little data, and I don't use much either, however the kid uses a lot, but still only uses about three gigs a month.   Wife and I need new phones and daughter has a newer phone already and doesn't want/need a new one.  I know it might sound like dumb questions, but I'm am having a hard time wrapping my head around how everything works now.  When we got the contract/lines two years ago it was a 24month payment plan.  It seemed to work really well, and we were pretty happy with our last plan.  It's just to bad we can't stick with what we have now except with two phones to pay off.  Oh well, such is life I guess.  So doing some quick math it with the phones we want it looks like my bill might go up around twenty dollars a month with the phones,  (note10+ and iphone11)  

I am willing to pay a bit more for two more years.  

Thanks again, if you can think of anymore info please let me  know.  Will be making a final decision at the end of the month.