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Resolved! Charged Labour and Costs for Upgrading to 50MBPS

The charge was $75 and partial charge $10,Was not informed when I ordered this upgrade that I would be charged.I phoned Telus yesterday and they told me there was no charge.Can anyone explain this>

kruisey by Advisor
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How to stop my telus home internet service?

Hi, there. I'd like to stop my telus internet service. I have been using internet 25 for around an half year, and now I want to stop it. please let me know what is the procedure to do this.Thanks.

codlstjr by Just Moved In
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Prorated Billing for Disconnected Services

I just spent some time talking to a rep, questioning why I didn't get credit prorata for a service I had removed earlier in November (my bill period is the 28th). She told me times have changed and I now need to give 30 days notice in order to receiv...

Ev by Friendly Neighbour
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Online banking

My online banking is asking for a 10 digit account number and mine is only 9?

tkynock by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Why is recording not allowed on some channels?

Some channels display a notice that says recording is not allowed on this channel.Why?I think a discount is owed because no one mentioned this when we signed our contract.I have searched the Internet but somehow nothing applicable comes up. Strange I...

MrKong by Friendly Neighbour
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Contract what??

There's still some time, but my 3 yr contract for Optik TV is coming to an end. I called in to see what will happen once it ends. To continue with Optik my choices are: $0/month for 3 yrs, $10/month for 2 yrs, $15/month for 1 yr, or month to month fo...

teddybear by Just Moved In
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telus should call us back rather than put us on hold

When I have to call Telus for some sort of support, invariably I encounter an "all agents are busy, please stay on the line" message. More than 3 years ago I had my TV service with Shaw, who are NOT a phone company. But they had worked out how to cal...