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Telus hours of operation?


Trying to reach an agent after receiving a legitimate email from Telus confirming my "requested account cancellation". Wife spoke to an "agent" yesterday who viewed the same online account info we have available, and told us "that email could not have been from us", despite the fact it clearly was with every link live back to the legitimate website. I want to find out who from "[email protected]" thought this was a good idea to really piss people off once and for all... Oh ya, the "agent" promised to drop our rate by $20/mo. "to offset our inconvenience" with this issue. THAT seemed really strange.

NOW, I can't get through to a human at 0830 hrs. MST and am told to "call back during regular business hours"! Bahahahaha really? What time zone?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Your local time zone. Though I would have thought 8:30 was within business hours.

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