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Telus TV+ PVR will not play a recording


I recorded Season 7 Episode 1 of the Great Canadian Baking Show on my Telus TV+ PVR from CBC Channel 100 (which I have in my plan like pretty much anyone in Canada). The recording appears under "recordings" menu, but when I press play I get the following error message on different devices:

- Telus TV+ box: "Asset Expired - Your rental has expired or this program is not included in your subscription. Please repurchase the rental or subscribe to the content by visiting   ERR_PLAYER_403-10146"

- iPhone Telus TV+ App: "Your rental has expired...." same as above

- Web browser: "User has no rights"


I was on Telus chat trying to get support and this was as far as we got: "Season7 is only available for CBC Gem subscribers. Though CBC Gem is part of you CBC. The package you are into is only limited with the parts and agreement of Telus with CBC."


Obviously having a PVR that will record but not allow playback is a bit of an issue, especially with a channel as basic as CBC. And yes, I can switch over to CBC Gem to watch. But it makes me question the value of the service I am getting. Apparently Shaw customers don't have this problem with their PVR.


Any advice, support, or similar issues out there with PVR?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Are you on the new Optik platform, or have you been a TELUS Optik customer for a while now? @Optik-Kate is this worth flagging to our team?

I started with Telus earlier this year. I believe I’m on the newest platform. I see no reference to Optik, just Telus TV+

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @DL12  Can you confirm if you are able to play other show recordings from channel 100?