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Telus Billing Fraud? Telus stole my money and would not give back!!!!

Helpful Neighbour

I was supposed to receive a promotion rate starting from August, however, my August bill did not reflect it. Okay, no worries, everyone makes mistakes. I called Telus and talked very politely about this issue. The agent apologized and told me that whatever discount I was supposed to get would show up on my next bill. 


November came, the bills still showed the regular price - no discounts. At this time, Telus overcharged me $90.13, so I called Telus the second time. When I I expressed my concern to the agent, she sighed and transferred me to the loyalty department. The loyalty department told me that I would get a refund on my Visa card, and for my compensation, I would get a $25 discount. The agent was very polite and told me that she would even do a follow-up call back in a week! Such good service!


3 weeks later, I only got the $25 discount. I never received the refund. I did not get a follow-up call either. Is Telus playing with me? Why does Telus not return my money? I feel like Telus is toying with me. Does anyone else experience the same issue? 



Telus has been screwing with me ever since I jumped ship from Shaw to Telus in June.  I have had to call them every single month since to get my monthly bill straightened out.  I think they are hoping that I don't notice the billing increases that they sneak in monthly.  Very dishonest company IMO.


Don't worry, a Telus shill will come to gaslight you in a few minutes, and convince you that somehow it is your fault.

10, 9, 8, 7....

Helpful Neighbour
Hahaha yes. An operator one time told me that restarting my computer fixes 99% of my issues. It didn't fix their services though...

If I were you I would call and ask to speak to the national escalation manager team. Unless you are going buy/increase your bill with Telus the level of support falls off. To non existent.....
I'm still waiting on a callback from them. The level of support is a joke!!!