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How to turn on Two-Step Verification




I selected the Home Account forum, but this also applies to Mobility.


I stopped receiving a code in the My Telus app. I called technical support, but I can't seem to explain what two-step verification is, and they couldn't understand the concept. They told me I had to disable the feature, so I did.


I'm now trying to enable it on another phone, I'm following the instructions, but after tapping the Launch Setup button, I get an error page saying "Sorry, we are having trouble connecting to our server. Please ensure that you're connected to the Internet and airplane mode is turned off." Tapping the Retry button doesn't help.


Is there something I can do to enable two-step verification?






Hey @Shane those instructions you linked to worked for me. Try rebooting your device and if that doesn't work, delete the application and re-download it


I had the same problem and posted about it here:


The fix that worked for me was to disable 2FA and set it up again.

I disabled two-step verification, uninstalled the app, and restarted my phone.


I reinstalled it, but I'm still getting the same error message on both phones.

Hey @Shane - maybe try our tech support team over chat. If they are not sure what you are having issues with you can send them the link to that you are looking at

I don't know if it makes a difference but I used a laptop browser to disable 2FA. I didn't need to do anything on my phone except use it to set up 2FA again.