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How the hell can Telus do this ?!

Friendly Neighbour
So it seems Telus hasn't been doing their due diligence and living up to their end of our contract, they haven't been taking out money from our pre authorized arrangements, and decided yesterday to just take 500$ ,6 months of payments at once ... So now I have no money for food possibly rent, during covid. I was never warned , never talked to , just had the money in my opinion stolen from me. If you don't do your end you can't come back to me and go oh we **bleep**ed up here were gonna take 6 months of payments without notice and charge you late fees because we **bleep**ed up ... Seriously Telus ?! And of course with covid you can't talk to anyone, to social media and the news I go, this is morally wrong , you can't **bleep** people over like this .

Friendly Neighbour
Where it my Telus contract doesn't say I have to make up for your mistakes Telus ?!?? That you have free reign to take money whenever you please ??!?!

We agreed you would take out 82$ a month and it was there , I never had one notification that a payment had failed. To me everything was going fine .

How dare you guys claim to be helping during a time of a global pandemic, you literally took the food off my plate , because you guys failed to do properly do your job, and live up to your end of our contract.

Sorry......But don't you check your bank account and/or credit card statements??


Never give access to your bank account to anyone!

Apparently I have a reconnection fee too , and I never had my internet disconnected, I called and talked to someone and they said that's weird and said my bill was fine in January ... Such bull**bleep** Telus, get your **bleep** together, you lost a customer due to your incompetence.

Oops wrote that wrong sorry , I was told it was never disconnected and it was weird that I had lost internet for a brief moment one morning . But nothing was wrong, yet there clearly was.


So you weren't watching your bank account or credit card, weren't checking your bills, and just spent money based upon your account balance and now you think they took your food money?

Yes, they should have taken it out every month.   What should you have done?  I assure you that your role in this was not to ignore the situation, not check anything, and only freak out when they found and corrected whatever caused them to not be taking it out in the first place. They did not take "your foot money" they took "their internet money" and you are  as much to blame as they are.

@BillTelusCust    Yes our account  balanced out by hand every month. And we have found the odd transaction that was not correct. Easy to correct before to much time passes. Polecat

I check my bank and credit card transactions every 2 or 3 days with my baking app. It only takes 20 seconds. People check their social accounts every few minutes so I think monitoring your finances every few days should be a no-brainer.