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Fraudulent Calls/Emails

Just Moved In
I received a call yesterday and today from 1-866-558-2245 and 1-866-558-2277. Both were offering me an upgrade on my phone and plan, paying just 55$/ month for a brand-new iPhone 15 or Samsung Galaxy S23 and Tariff Plan for each line + Unlimited Text Messages (All network across the Canada/USA) + Unlimited Calls (All network across the Canada/USA) + 30GB 5G (Internet Data) + 1000 International Calling Minutes.

I thought it was weird that they were calling for a promotion but didn’t have any of my information on file, including my email, or see that I just got a new phone/ plan less than a year ago.

I asked them to send an email and the email came from promotion@telusupgrade .com and was full of grammar and spelling mistakes. Luckily I have just enough tech literacy to recognize this to be a scam, but it did take a bit of sleuthing to realize.

Hopefully others can do some searching and find relevant posts to see this is a scam before falling for something that feels just too good to be true.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I hope you didn't give them your real personal email address and gave them a junk account instead.


They're also doing the same scam using telusupgrade .ca. (Source: RFD) Similar domains ending in .shop, .online also exist.

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I've been thinking about this...and it's sad that Telus is the target for such scams.