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How to get Telus to do their job?

TELUS, been trying to contact you about your horrible services. You're not getting paid until you fix your mistakes. EMAIL ME since your line drops everytime I ask to cancel a feature on my account, real convenient.

Community Power User
Community Power User

This is a customer-supported forum, most of us here are customers who offer ideas to others. We, of course, don’t have access to your email. If you want to contact Telus directly, you can reach them through their Twitter account at TELUSSupport, or through their Facebook presence, where they can verify your credentials, and address your account issues.

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I understand, I have tried calling them on several occasions, emailing them, chat online with the bot. I'm not having any luck with them, been trying to get thru to them since February for sure. My goal, petty as it may be is to get their attention because I don't know what else to do quite Frankly. Help would be greatly appreciated any which way. Just trying to switch up my packages and no one wants to make an effort 🤷

Facebook messenger is where I'd try next, if I were you. Or, do what I did, and switch to business. At least you can talk to a real person.