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Fraudulent Activity


So a Telus agent had contacted me regarding a offer which I would get unlimited data with an iPhone 15 Pro Max for the two lines I have on my account. A week later the devices arrived and on the same day I received another call from a supposed Telus Agent saying that the phones have been delivered even before I received notification from Canada Post. This agent must have called at least 5 or 6 times to call and say I need to pick up the phones urgently and give him the IEMI numbers. Unsuspecting at this point I picked up the phones and the agent called me back and said that he couldn't activate the offers with those particular phones and that I would need to return them. He sent an email with a return post label and I re-package the phones and sent back to the post label address. The agent did also specified that he was sending two new phones out that could be activated with the current promotional offer.

Due to the delay of delivery of the new phones I checked my account to find there is indeed two new orders but when I tried to contact Telus to get clarification on the order status I suspected that the phones I returned went to a fraudulent address. I spent 5hrs in total on the phone to various Telus employees trying to get a result to no avail. I was told that the offer that I got was a fraudulent and was not possible with that device. But I did insist that it must have been a Telus employee that must have been able to authorization the offer and the shipment of the phones in the first place. I am concerned that I have been the victim of fraudulent activity but more concerned they had access to my account and I was unable to get a satisfactory outcome. Apparently the two new phones have been shipped but no tracking number as yet, but none of the Telus agents were able to access the two new orders that i can see on the My Telus page. The last Telus agent I spoke to at the end of the 5hr stint of calls said I would need to return those phones if they turn up because I cant have that offer with that device. You can be assured Telus, that if those phones turn up I will not be sending them back. I am disappointed that I was duped so easily by somebody that was so easily able to impersonate a Telus Employee and have full access to my account. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Unfortunately there are a number of these fraudulent numbers trying to impersonate legitimate TELUS employees. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.


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