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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

TELUS provides Smarthub services in selected communities to ensure that our customers using internet service in these areas get an optimal experience.


Since this service is available in selected communities, you have to make sure your address is qualified for service via the qualification tool on


Here are 4 ways to check for Smart Hub service availability:


  1. Find my location (For use with Smartphones only): Scroll to the ‘Find Location’ button and click it
  2. My street address: Input your street address in the format shown. i.e 1225 Range Road 199, Alix, Alberta not 1225 Rng Rd, Alix, AB. Click on the 'Continue' button
  3. Legal land description (Alberta only): Input your Alberta Township LLD section in the format shown without letters i.e. input 1-87-18-4, not 1-87-18-W4. Note the result is for the center of the LLD. Click on the 'Continue' button, and after the result is shown on the map, click on the map to refine your location.
  4. Coordinate location: To retrieve your coordinates you can use your Smartphone and a mapping app such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, or a GPS device. Click on the 'Continue' button

For all methods, you can use the map showing your entered location to refine the position. Click on the map to move the white pin.


For more information check out Smart Hub on

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