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Wifi hotspot turned off??

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I have 10 GB high speed non share data, and after that it’s endless data at a reduced speed. For the past 7 months, it’s been great. My hotspot has been my main wifi at my house because it was so fast even after the 10 GB mark. But this month I received a text saying I was over 10 GB, that the speed would be reduced and that my wifi hotspot would be turned off. Now I can connect to the hotspot on other devices, but not actually use the internet in any way. And my phone’s data is so slow that my Netflix won’t run. This hasn’t happened before, I’ve never received a text before this. Did my plan change? Why has everything stopped now?? I’ve paid my bills on time, I don’t understand. I use my hotspot as my only source of wifi at home, how do I fix this??

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Community Power User

If you're using your cell phone as the hotspot, it's not intended to be a replacement for home internet. The Peace of Mind plan that offers the 10GB of high-speed data includes reduced speeds of up to 512 Kbps once your high-speed data cap has been reached. Also once you reach the 10GB, the hotspot will be disabled as is advertised for that plan.


It's possible that up until now that reduced speed / disabled tethering had not been properly working. It sounds like you are now getting the correct advertised speed after you hit the 10GB limit. 512kbps would be too slow for Netflix to work also. There would be nothing to fix at this point.

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Can I still use my hotspot after I have reached the maximum high speed even at slow speed?

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TELUS Team Member

@Stephyul ,

Please refer to the other post where I answered this question 🙂

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