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WiFi Calling Not Working

Just Moved In
Device: pixel 6 pro
I just returned from travels and my wifi callings seems to have stopped working. The setting screen says calling over mobile network. However when airplane mode is turned on, wifi calling starts working. As soon as network is connected (terrible coverage) wifi calling disconnects.

I see a few posts from a month ago about similar issues, but no resolution.

Community Power User
Community Power User

As you mentioned this appears to be an issue for the device:


Wifi calling not working. Reported previously and did work once. Now tested on w phones (pixel 6 pro...


I found this possible workaround:


Wi-Fi calling not working properly is one of the documented issues with the Pixel 6.  I've had the best luck with it by selecting the Roaming Preference = "Wi-Fi" under the wifi calling settings.  That will default to Wi-Fi calling when the mobile network is not available. To test it, turn on airplane mode (which will turn off your cell phone connection and Wi-Fi).  Then turn on just your Wi-Fi and try to make a call.  It should connect if Wi-Fi calling is working.  You can then turn off Airplane mode so you can get calls when you don't have Wi-Fi.  Hopefully, Google fixes this to work properly in a future update.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

This was working in December and was not an issue before. It broke recently, the workaround won't work as I barely get reception, making the phone disconnect from wifi calling.

Also, I don't see: Roaming Preference = "Wi-Fi" under the wifi calling setting