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Cyber Monday Deal -$30-$35 BYOD CAN-US-MEX 200 GB or $45 with phone

Friendly Neighbour

Telus Cyber Monday Deal Extended -$30-$35 BYOD CAN-US-MEX 200 GB or $45 with $0 Phones

CANADA-US-MEX PLAN - unlimited 200 GB 5G+ for $45/mo/line (4 lines minimum)
- Unlimited CAN-US-Mexico Calling & texting and Roaming
- Intl messaging
- 1000 Intl Minutes from Canada
- Visual Voicemail
- $60 connection fee waived on all lines

Price- 20% off $100 plan
- $15 (port in credit)
- $20 (multi unit discount)
= $45/mo/line with any phones (for 4 lines or more)
= $40/mo/line (10+ lines)
Also, I was offered BYOD plan with same features and data for $35/mo/line (if 4+ lines)
= $30/mo (if 10+ lines)

   Get 1 business connect mobile app for $25/mo (month to month) or business wifi for $15 or internet, it gave me extra 20% discount on all my phone plans which will save me $80 or more on phone plans.

Phone deals with 45$ / month plan : 

Iphone 15 128 for $15/mo, buy out - $360
iPhone 14 128 GB for $10/mo, buy out - $250
Google Pixel 7 for $0, no buy out (FREE)
Google Pixel 8 for $0 buy out - $140
Samsung S23FE for $0, buy out - $200
Samsung S23 for $5, buy out - $220




Friendly Neighbour

My question is; anybody else got this plan ?

There was a thread on another forum and it got locked unfortunately.

My prices are not really matching with what I was told. Anybody in the same situation ? Thank you.

It's a scam!

Friendly Neighbour is not TBH. I mean....I am 10$ apart ,which I called and finally they readjusted the bill. It was just a PITA to be over the phone for almost 2 hours. It has been now credited. Curious to see next month...