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Call forwarding charges

Just Moved In
I do not use call forwarding on my phone, but on occasion will forward my work landline to my personal cell phone. Work phone pays for the call forwarding in those situations. However, I will occasionally get charged for call forwarding on my personal line at $0.50/minute. Most months I have to call in to get these charges reversed, and the representatives I’ve talked to are at a loss for what’s causing these charges. I’ve been told the only solution (other than continuing to call every month) is to completely disable any call forwarding, which would also remove the ability for people to leave voicemails. This is obviously not ideal. Telus has put in multiple tickets to look into this with no results. I’m at a loss where to go from here…

Community Manager
Community Manager

On your detailed bill (which can be downloaded from your online account), what's the description being used to characterize these charges?

Hi, thanks for the reply. It lists a phone number that doesn’t appear to exist (I’ve tried calling it: 587-958-7777), then place called is “NOT AVAIL”, and location called from is “CALL FORWARD”. Time frames generally line up with incoming calls that were forwarded from work phone, but not always.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Generally speaking, the number presented on call display should reflect the number that's being forwarded. Could the number be related to your workplace somehow?

As for the charge, the only thing I can think of is if there is a long distance scenario being played out but other than that, I'm at a loss to explain it also.