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Bill Due>Not Received SIM>No services

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What does a man do about not recieving his SIM card in the mail and not used the services provided by company and the accout is due for payment ?


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Community Power User

You contact Telus directly by phone or online chat and discuss it with them. 

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This happened to me. Same here! Ordered it on the 8th. Wanted to port my number, and the number didn't port. When my sim eventually arrived over the course of 3 weeks, today being the final delivery period for our lines. I go to check my bill, and it's already at $900.00? I am now going to go to the Telus store closest to me and pay their service fee to cancel and reset up the account with all of my devices. And say that I didn't use them, then give them to the store clerk. Then immediately reorder them and grab them back from behind the counter like they were brand new. And since I already had a credit to my account, not have to pay tax up front either. Yeah it's unconventional but it will work. It's called policy exploiting. For a company this large, they can up a few service fees as far as I'm concerned.