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Problematic Cellular (voice) connection north of Acheson, AB

Just Moved In
For days now, ALL of our TELUS Mobility cell phones (five) have been acting strangely when we are taking a phone call at our home in Parkland County (just north if Acheson, AB). The person on the other end can hear us very clearly, however just seconds into a new call, we can NOT hear the other party. This happens EVERY call now. We have to hang up and use our old fashioned “copper wire” connection instead.
Need a solution soon! (Data works fine.)

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi Ray,


Since all 5 TELUS Mobility cell phones are encountering the same issues, that rules out most device specific issues. 


I have reviewed the TELUS Outages Map and found no issues in Parkland County. I would still suggest that you contact TELUS Mobility Technical Support ( 1-866-558-2273 or *611 on your TELUS mobile phone ) and report this issue so they can begin tracking it, and investigate if there is a network issue in your area.


Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try on your phones:


  1. If WiFi calling is disabled, Enable WiFi Calling - Learn How
    WiFi Calling is a great alternative to use when you have poor signal in your house, or if there is a network issue in your area and you need a temporary solution.

  2. If WiFi Calling is enabled, Disable WiFi Calling
    Sometimes WiFi calling can take an extra second to connect. This is because when the phone is receiving or making a call, it has to first think which connection is better (WiFi or Cellular) before the call is completed. This may be the root cause of the delay.

  3. Reset your network settings.
    iPhone: Settings, General, Network, Reset Network Settings
    Android (May Vary): Settings, System, Reset Options, Reset Wi-Fi Mobile and Bluetooth.
    Sometimes there is a carrier update, or a phone updates which causes network settings to become unstable/corrupted. A network reset will remove these unstable/corrupted settings and restore them. Please note, when you do a network reset, it will also forget your saved WiFi passwords, and saved Bluetooth connections. You will need to manually connect to your WiFi and Bluetooth devices again, and afterwards they will automatically connect as before. Many people skip this step as its an small inconvenience, but they usually spend a few hours with Technical Support only to realize that was the correct fix after all. Its suggested that you do this before calling Technical Support.  

If these options do not help, you can also refer to the Troubleshoot: Can't make or receive phone calls


I hope that helps!


I agree we are having the same issues I have called and they just keep saying they are having issues!